Update / 0.1 SBD upvote

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0.1 SBD upvote

It took 2 weeks and a lot of efford, but the upvote is now worth over $0.1 SBD!
Next Stop: $1 SBD
Which will also be the terminal station;)
After that, we will create a new bot, for minnows <100SP, etc.
No whales allowed!


This post has been upvoted by @microbot with 33.3%!
Vote for my creator @isnochys as witness!

Done! You're one smart mofo' <3

Congratulations, I look forward to using your bot service, being a noob myself and knowing a lot of other individuals that I can hook up. Great work @microbot. I actually just wrote a post on bots, if you would like feel free to check it out!

can someone tell me how i get votes from this bot??

Go to your wallet and transfer any amount of SBD to this bot. Never go over its upvote, currently 0.147sbd.
You should start with 0.001 SBD and see how it works.
In memo you paste just the link to the post it should upvote.
Et voilà.

Upvote for u

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