Why America Needs Communism

in #usa4 years ago

United States of America, a super power, faces economic inequlaity where a few holds most of the income whereas rest of people face serious financial troubles. Some people work day and night just only to live . It shows that how inequality has troubled lot of Americans. Capitalism, being great source of income generator for few people, has created lot of troubles for most of US citizens. Entrepreneurs, venture capitalist, and elite people use capital as a tool to increase income and create troublesome.

In current scenario, communism can help America to reduce inequality and become economical sound country.


communism is where the workers democratically control the means of production.

The only place value can come from is labor. Since profit must exist under capitalism the laborer must be paid less than the value he adds to the object. This creates two classes, those who take and those who produce. This is where the inequality comes from.

You are right dear.

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