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Its quite interesting how much media now a days focuses about gossip and conflict to neglect what information it is meant to report. For example you might know about Biden being a very affectionate human being but do you actually know what ideals he is campaigning for? Then Cortez who is accused of socialism for her rich tax, and smeared for her Green new deal, but do you know where the 70% tax on very high income comes from or what the Green new deal actually is?

this is the actual green new deal in case you are curious
The thought process of rejecting anything labeled by others as "socialist" seems to have stuck in many American minds from the cold war. It is a gut feeling response since the word does bring back memories from the cold war, and hence we trust our gut not to continue with a second thought. Worsed of all the biggest sheep of media is president, and the media noticed that giving the president direct instructions.

Clearly I'm influenced by Vox News saying this, but Cortez seems to be a pretty decent candidate to me? Her only problem is that she is not as popular as other contestants. There are still too many contestants to pick a favorit and the battle goes on for almost 2 more years. I am not American so I can't make a change in that election anyway. I just beg American citizens to fact check regularly and not get swayed by these opinion attacks. At this day and age a google search can be done really quick.

But notice that a lot of the news today is about conflicts instead of facts. Perhaps we are just used to Trumps presidency as with him there is a new conflict and controversy every day at 5 am on Twitter.

Though this poor journalism is not only American, I have seen it as well in Germany. Remember that time ISIS was new and a lot of Christian Jesiden refugees were coming for interviews on the news and asking for something to be done, being used to suggest that Germany should quickly give "moderate rebels" some of our old weaponry? And only a single Gabriel fighting against the entire parliament saying the truth

Weapons only cause more war

German weapons stick around and continue being used to shed blood, while ISIS is over.


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You would think that history would be remembered when socialism was tried by puritans. Everyone almost starved. Crony capitalism doesnt do much better. Find free markets when you are able. AOC? Really? Sounds like you dont do much research either. At least Miss Gabbard is the only antiwar candidate I know.

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perhaps it would be easier to see your objection about AOC if you told me where the objection is? It is not like AOC goes full on socialist. She is not threatening to disown farmers or other things. She wants to impliment things that already exist in europe or are currently being implimented. In american perspective i guess many european countries are socialist. btw im not starving.

How about we start with this article. Yes let's implement things in Europe like GiletJaune.

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Perhaps you dont enjoy being a slave since you are not so quick to defend the new DNC queen. Look what else I found.

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