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Between the scientific world and the world of commercialization today is a big chasm. To monetize a patent, a scientist needs to have an entrepreneurial gift, which is extremely rare. In the world there are thousands, if not tens of thousands of patents that lie idle. The Australian team of scientists did not ignore this and create a USAT project. Its task will be to unite scientists from all over the world in a nonprofit organization to help each other in monetizing their patents, and to channel part of the profit from commercialization to help other projects. Intellectual property will be protected by Blockchain. Today our review is dedicated to the ICO of the USAT project, the first international platform for the commercialization of intelligence.


Over a single scientific organization was thought of even in ancient Rome. Then the first institutions began to be formed. Developments were introduced centrally into society through kings. Today, this process has lost its former effectiveness. In his place, market relations came to him.


But it is not all that bad. The last few years there has been a breakthrough in the commercialization of ideas and developments. This happened with the advent of the customer development process. In the idea of this process lies the study of the demand for the idea with the help of early prototypes and sketches. And only then, when it becomes obvious that a potential product is in demand, the development stage begins.

And then an idea arises. What if scientists unite in an organization, create a foundation and help each other carry out such market research. Implementation of this idea is hampered by the complexity of the process of accounting for an intellectual resource. He means paper red tape. But with the advent of Blockchain technology and smart contracts, the implementation of this approach becomes possible.


A group of Australian scientists create a non-profit organization USAT Inc, through which scientists from around the world will help each other to magnetize their development. Let me remind you that non-profit organizations differ from commercial ones in that all profits are directed to achieve the organization's goals. In the case of the USAT, this goal is to identify the needs of consumers in a particular development in order to create a useful product and bring it to the market.

For the technical implementation of intellectual property protection, USAT token is created, they contain smart contracts with intellectual property documents, as well as important agreements between USAT members. In particular, that part of the profits from the monetization of products will flow into the fund of this organization through USAT tokens. This information can not be changed, what protection is guaranteed. These tokens also serve as domestic currencies.

The motivation for storing the token is that part of the profit from development under the contract goes to buy USAT tokens. Thus, their constant growth in price will be maintained. Token holders, in turn, will be motivated to help the organization achieve its goals.
The structure of the USAT ecosystem is shown in the figure below.


What will the system look like for inventors. This is a platform where you can place your own ideas or ideas. In this case, all participants must be identified. Then they can count on help in attracting the financial, human, intellectual and other resources of the system. If intellectual property is not registered, then it is registered for a shorter period than it happens in the traditional way. Then comes the phase of customer development, during which the market demand for a potential product is identified, the business model of monetization is revealed.


Part of the profit from sales is returned to the system through the purchase of tokens. Tokens come to the accounts of the authors of patents to help in the implementation of new ideas. They can use these tokens to pay for the services of advisers, developers, marketers and all those who will help carry out market research.

But the project does not always have to return some of the profits. Over time, he simply redeems a share back through tokens and lives his life. In fact, USAT is an accelerator for start-ups, at the core of which it is enough to have a patent. In all other respects, the USAT helps.

The USAT already has a pilot project. This technology is a generator of energy from the solar wind. It catches the solar wind and transforms it into electricity. This solution can be used in deserts. The fact is that at the output of the solar-wind generator, not only energy, but also water is obtained. This can be an excellent solution for drylands. Today, a prototype is being built in one of the deserts. Electricity will flow to the mining farm, and water will irrigate the surrounding area.


USAT is the collective intelligence of the planet. This is how the participants position themselves and this is their vision.


USAT Inc is a non-profit organization from Australia. It includes both scientists and serial entrepreneurs.








Collective mind of the planet is a great idea. Such ideas are welcomed by the Blockchain evangelists. The project has already collected Soft cap. This can be an excellent asset.


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