Ultimate Survival Battle Begins 1st of March 2019 - Stand a chance to win Lume, Dbread or Steem for the next 15 days

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Over the last few years global warming rapidly became the major killer of most species.

Lives of all species are threatened by this and only the fit will be able to out live others.

From this chaos a quest for survival is birthed and only those with better survival techniques/instincts when compared against their opponent species will inherit this planet and finally emerge as the grand survivor.

lumeos battle.png

Ultimate Survival BATTLE ( #USB) is an intriguing "audience decision base" challenge where survivors are matched and their fates are decided base on audience opinions on who they think has better survival skills and abilities.

This challenge is scheduled to last for approximately 15 days or more after which a grand survivor will be announced.
However before the grand finale, each day will have a survivor base on the audience pick.

(Result is compiled within 20 to 30hrs after each match is posted)


Voting is done on

  • Lumeos (an EOS dapp | profile info = Aust Jacobite)
  • Whaleshares (a whaleshares dapp | profile info = @jacobite)
  • Dpoll (a steem dapp | profile info = @jacobite)


Each day for the next 15 days of the #USB Challenge, a commenter from each voting platform will have the opportunity to win a prize!!!


  1. 100 Lume (for the lucky lumeos commenter)
  2. 100 Dbread (for the lucky whaleshares commenter)
  3. 1 Steem (for the lucky dpoll commenter)


  1. Participate in the challenge by predicting who will be the survivor of that day's battle.
  2. Leave a comment analysis of the advantages possessed by the survivor over the other.
  3. Tag 2 people to come and participate.

(One lucky commenter will be selected daily)

Ultimate Survival Battle begins 1st March 2019.

Join the quest for survival!!!


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