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Most of our financial related transactions like cryptocurrency exchanges, exchanging on trades, and different online business, are done on the internet and this makes our data not be fully secured as they are exposed to cyber hackers. These tricksters are looking for opportunities to cause havoc by reaping where they did not sow.
This is a big challenge in the blockchain technology as its network isn’t 100℅ secured. This is the reason that infinity project team built the Usechain platform to combat the challenges being faced in the blockchain network.


•Low exchange handling transmission capacity has turned into a noteworthy issue in the method for broadening the versatility of activities. •Problems with namelessness Hackers and hacking have turned into a realnscourge of the crypto business. The presentation of current advances will roll out it conceivable to improvement the circumstance.
• Technical issues- Frequently digital money can be some time out of scope of the proprietor of the token, or there are times when one littlest error in the blockchain can cripple the environment.

Usechain is a creative stage that gives access to another, enhanced square framework, within which reflect recognizable proof will be utilized. Usechain is based on the PROW arrangement engine. It lets the system provide every user with the opportunity of high-speed TA verification grounded on the principles of upright mining and low energy consumption.
Usechain Innovative Blockchain Solutions Introduce a fresh out of the plastic new accord instrument, Randomized Proof of Work to impeccably adjust elite and solid security, and apply staggered verification and encryption system, Zero Proof, Identity Virtual Machine (IVM), Identity Network Sharding (INS), Identity Exchange Sharding (ITS), Enhanced Smart Contract, and other inventive advancements to make another age of Blockchain, driving Blockchain 3.0.

Usechain ecosystem resists multiple attacks. It is achieved by combining decentralization and distributed ledger. Moreover, the users of this platform get the opportunity to communicate synergetically.


Here are the basic benefits of Usechain.

• High Performance:- The stage inputs assets of the most elevated quality to help the worldwide network to build up its ecosystem. This, thus, joins application stages and driving organizations.

•Secure And Reliable foundation:- The Usechain platform uses
a safe foundation that spotlights on sole character mapping along these lines enhancing its application to situations that need personality.

•Public Participation:- The stage underpins the support of everybody around the world. Usechain underpins mining by utilization of even cell phones as a result of its capacity to utilize low assets and low
vitality utilization.

•Low Energy Consumption:- Through the
stage's normal for character mapping, it can diminish its reliance on the hashing intensity of the Bitcoin and along these lines have the capacity to lessen utilization of vitality and processing assets.

Usechain Application

• Identity Tokenization.
• Cryptocurrency payment.
• Decentralized financial services.
• More credible sharing economy.
• More efficient and secure IOT applications.
• Unattended investment and equity management.
• Decentralized insurance.
• Decentralized Exchanges.
• Tuition fund.
• Digital Content production and trading.
• Blockchain games.
• Market forecast.


• Ticker: UST
• Token type: ERC20
• ICO Token Price: 1 UST = 0.0049 USD (0.00001333 ETH)
• Fundraising Goal: 29,300,000 USD (4,500 BTC)
• Total Tokens: 20,000,000,000
• Available for Token Sale: 45%
• Whitelist: YES
• Know Your Customer (KYC): YES
• Accepts: ETH, BTC try

Conclusively, USECHAIN will play a great role in the blockchain development. This is definitely a platform to be part of.
Thanks for reading.

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