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It's about time to have a STEEM meetup

in the Salt Lake City, UT area!

Steemup date.PNG

Date: October 13th

Time: TBD

Place: Kafeneio Coffee Shop 258 W 3300 S, South Salt Lake, UT 84115

Come meet fellow Steemians in person!

@josephsavage and I will be there.

Please feel free to join us no matter where you are from.

I created a Discord so we can discuss more details.

(Salt Lake Valley Image Source: Pixabay)


@katysavage had to go out of town this weekend and nobody joined the Discord.

We did not finalize a time or make a follow-up announcement, so I'm assuming nobody is coming. If I'm wrong, please let me know and I will be happy to still meet for coffee at whatever time works for you, even if only one person is coming.

@jarvie @derangedvisions @rodeo670 @littlescribe @caseygrimley @kaylinarts

We will try again in the near future, so join us in Discord anyway and we can make a poll to pick the best time for everyone.

Wish I could be there for this one. I’ll hope to catch you next time. Keep me posted on how it goes.

Come meetup with me and @littlescribe friday-saturday at the Utah valley convention center during CVX Live. (a youtube convention) we'll have a booth for @steemmonsters and i'm doing photography for CVX again this year.

Also @derangedvisions , @caseygrimley, @kaylinarts, @dkid14 are all around this area...

And @curuscate is trying to decide if she should just move here ;) Right?

This weekend we have prior commitments or we would love to come. We knew there were a few people in this area but not that many, it's good to hear.

So fun! Wish I was closer and could meet up with you guys!

@jarvie, @littlescribe... tagging in case you don’t know about this. ♥️

Thank you! We would love to hang out more with you! :) Thank you for tagging people.

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