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RE: Utopian is ready to seek investors. 1M USD goal for year 2019

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if you want 1 million dollars i would suggest you make a less strict Utopian for Kids or something, or Utopian for beginners, where you can let people have more fun and LEARN to enjoy whatver struct protocals You have decided to use, because that turns a lot of people off... i dunno i feel like too much time gets wasted on following rules, like im in highschool and were learning AMA formatting... cant you make a front end with a FORM people can fill out instead of the struct Science Lab like rules utopian seems to use?

I feel like people should all be enjoying the magic of software but also we could be training an army of graphic designers to learn after effects or other automated video production apps, to produce lots of infograpohics that explain the blockchain, this is crucial and videos like that are ALWAYS going to be needed, just imagine all the SMts that will need videos explaining them... thats where i see steem and utopian come into the picture, Utopian can build a system that trains up and coming graphic designers to learn how to produce infographic videos explained videos and all the most popular formats people want on websites like fivver etc, expect they dont have to compete... steemians who want to make videos can always do it foir steem, as theres always something here to explain, ANYWAY, i just want to see steem have its own built in marketing groups!


Hello @ackza. The reason why there are so many strict rules as you mentioned, is simply because we needed to mitigate abuses and learn from the many use cases. Together with the release of Utopian V2, we have a full rework of the guidelines. The entire hassle of learning the guidelines is moved to the reviewers, while the community will be set free in deciding how they want to contribute value as well as re-opening up to international communities. We have been sharing this for a while now. Make sure to join our weekly conferences on Discord to learn the changes that are happening behind the scenes :)

Will the invested funds get powered up or will utopian keep them in fiat?

We are talking about funds to build the product and sustain the costs, in exchange of shares of the company. If an investor would like to additionally invest in STEEM crypto then a portion of that may be powered up, but this is not what we are looking for specifically here.

I was asking specifically about in what currency utopian will receive investments. And in what currency utopian will store the investments. Obviously 1m won't be used within a day.

From your answer, I am assuming the funds will be kept in fiat.

This is beyond our scope atm. The investors will dictate the choice of the currency they want to use for their investment. We don't have a preference of crypto over fiat or viceversa. It is liquidity meant to be used, so where it will be temporarily held won't make much of a difference.