Video Tutorial | What is Steem, Steempower and Steemdollar Explained in Urdu

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Good day to all, Steemians!

We all know that is an open source project and anybody from any country can join it and use it but i see many peoples from asian countries like india, pakistan want to join and also want to invest in steem coin but they are facing problems to understand that what is steem, steempower and steemdollar, so i decided to make a video tutorial in urdu language, so that the peoples who have weak english skills can understand the functionality of and it's coins, i hope after watching this tutorial they understand these three terms, i talk more about it in my video below.

Link to My Video: -

Link to My Youtube Channel: -

Thank you very much for reading and watching,

Have a nice day.

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Thank you so much, I have been looking for something like this since I joined steemit! Top Post!

You are welcome my friend.

I'm glad for the great introduction in steemit, thanks

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Nice effort bro @adnanrabbani, the way you explained is superb, thanks for sharing

You are welcome my friend, if you find any problems regarding steemit then feel free to ask me.

Brother how can i convert my steem into steem power?

just press the little down arrow in front of your steemcoins then the drop down menu opens up then click on powerup option a new short box opens up enter the amount which you want to powerup then finally click on black powerup button in the bottom.

Ok thanks a lot bro

thanks for your tutorial, it's good to record video in other languages !

thank you very much my friend.

You are welcome. ☺

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Thank you very much.

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ok i am adding required links in the post now.

Nicely explained. Thanks