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RE: Analysis of Micro Abuse - Front-Runner bot accounts

in #utopian-io4 years ago

I recently witnessed an another interesting thing. I checked my account status on and found that two users have downvoted my several posts. Those accounts @a-steemdefleague and @a-cmsidl just opened on 9th of May and right from the beginning started to downvote many users till their voting power ended. I wrote about them in my post two days ago. I also checked the accounts they were following or were followed by and found many of them doing the same thing. However, they also started upvoting and resteeming some users' post while still downvoting their targeted users. Most of their followers or whom they are upvoting are spammers.
Though their downvote doesn't make a difference but it irritates me and I think other users are feeling the same thing. I request you to check their activities. They are bots and doing naughty things.


@akdx, can you give me the link to your posts? This is also interesting if these accounts are used for downvote also...

They are downvoting because we had upvoted @abusereports. It's really annoying.

@akdx, I can tell you exactly why. If you follow their link, you'll notice the problem they have is with @abusereports among others. They will target you for upvoting any account on their bullcrap list.

I commented on one of their accounts and was immediately downvoted by @trollshunter on my blog.

I hold my word. Each time these assholes downvote me, they are just increasing support to the accounts they oppose. They are not too bright from the looks of it.

They are creating nuisance here. They must be settled for once and all.

I have a plan to deal with them. Feel free to reach out on Discord or and will let you know the details.

How can I contact you on Discord or

anthonyadavis#5905 or @anthonyadavisii. Long story short. I'm going to have a bot counter it.

Hey @anthonyadavisii, I've also incurred the "wrath" of these accounts, and I've been watching them for a week or so now. I seem to have attracted their attention, along with @trollshunter by downvoting some plagiarised posts by the user @camillesteemer. My suspision is that they are behind these accounts, or is connected to whoever is. They have so little SP it's little more than a nuisance, but it's unpleasant to see Steemit being abused in this way. Just thought you might find this interesting!

I appreciate your move @anthonyadavisii

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