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RE: Opinionated quasar-framework starter kit - Part 2

in #utopian-io2 years ago

I don't know enough about all this stuff to review it, but it definitely gives me some inspiration. I've finally started on my first project using Vue.js, but I'm using Vuetify and not something like Quasar, as it was still a bit too overwhelming for me.

In your previous post you mentioned a couple of things, and it made me curious about some stuff (I am a complete noob, bear with me): I want to learn something else other than MongoDB, so I am going to use Postgres for my next project. You mentioned you use Hapi as an API, and then list alternatives to it. In those alternatives you have (amongst others) Express and GraphQL + Apollo - from my limited understanding GraphQL is just a query language, with Apollo being the client, and so you still need something like Hapi or Express alongside them?

I've heard of Lerna, but not sure what it's useful for yet. Will have to do some more research about it. I'm just building some stuff in Vue.js while going through the documentation, so I will take it one step at a time, haha.


For database there are multiple choices. For personal projects honestly anything is good. It is just a matter of good conception.

As for graphQl and Apollo simply take the time to read the documentation. Check prisma too :D

I know there are multiple choices, that wasn't my point lol. I am just confused because I didn't think Apollo + GraphQL are an alternative to Hapi or Express, as I thought they are entirely different things!