I need Justice !

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This is a sad week for me, knowing the Phalcon Documentation for Filipino translation was REMOVED, DELETED or DISINTEGRATED !

Because of not technical people translation methods and classes of the documentation.

As for me, since I am a contributor, I was translating the best I can so that I can help the said project.

But since, I am only a contributor and not a moderator of utopian I cannot just justify my translation because they want all of the phrases even the methods and classes needs to be translated.

If there is something that the moderators need to improved, they should have set of rules or a qualification or maybe they have a list of programming methods and classes.

Also, If we are translating FILIPINO Language! The approver or moderator for it should be from Philippines not from other country, so it will be fair for us moderator or not.

It is nice to help and get paid and It's much nicer if we can help by giving them the best of what we can do!

I am not complaining! or pointing at persons or moderators. I want the best for us! I am speaking to those who are puppies who keeps on following what to change even though we know what is right!

I hope you will do something about it!



Shame. Utopian has been receiving negative publicity about this. Lots of contributors are spamming translations just for the easy money, may it be on CrowdIn/Github. Worse, have seen a lot of our fellow Filipinos doing the same.

I was one of the first few people who started contributing at the Phalcon project. After a week since I started, the proofreaders reached 30+ from the previously < 10. I guess the managers are partly to be blamed for this as they also promoted the wrong people to proofreaders.

Shoutout to our fellow Filipino contributors: If you are not qualified to translate, or even if you don't understand what you are translating, then DON'T. There are various ways that you can earn from steeemit.