New summer theme for JumpMoji - Emojis

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JumpMoji is a 2D Game for android that is built as an Emoji Jump game. Currently, JumpMoji Only Has a Halloween Emoji Theme that can be played.


Benefits / Improvements

Simple, charismatic and funny emojis that go very well with the summer style for JumpMoji. These will be an update and new look for current users. They need a completely new theme (summer) for their game including emojis, platforms, backgrounds, etc. So this time I made 3 emojis.


CorelDRAW for the drawing and Photoshop for the textures





Original files

Here I provide emoji files emoji

Posted on - Rewarding Open Source Contributors


Your contribution cannot be approved because it does not follow the Utopian Rules.

HARD rules broken:

  • "A contribution must contain .... benefits of your work to the project owner." - images are pixelated and in low quality. No work in vector format provided.

You can contact us on Discord.

I will edit and share

Thank you @barut for contributing to our game, unfortunately we can not use your designs in our game, your emojis are pixelated and your 2nd emoji with the hat, it feels like the hat is from another picture the 2 items do not fit as they should.

I will edit and share

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