GitNaija: Finding developers using Github REST api in different regions of Nigeria based on their Skillset

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Github repository:

What The Project is about

As a Nigerian Developer you might want to search for Developers in your state of residence for several reasons. Setting an example from myself, starting out as a developer wasn’t that easy for me because I didn’t really understand the structured part I needed to take in order to become a professional; sometimes we run into issues, we go on stack-overflow and we find answers to the problems we have been facing, but other times we don’t just understand the right steps to take to fixing problems that are specific the exact issues we are facing. 
Hence the need for the physical presence or personal mentorship of a more experienced developer. This is where GitNaija comes in. GitNaija is a Native Android app that helps Developers find and contact other developers on github with specific set of skills in specific regions in Nigeria to enhance one on one software development mentorships, to and building of tech teams.

  What GitNaija offers:

  GitNaija helps it users to carry out the following tasks with ease: 

  •   Find developers in the different states of Nigeria
  •   Find developers with specific skill sets i.e Java, Python, Javascript and others 
  •   View developer’s details 
  •   Share the information of these developers to friends on other platform.
  •   Create a team of developers in their geographical region.
  •   Search for Nigerian github developers by name.

Screenshots of GitNaija app


Custom Progress bar

 JavaDevelopers in Uyo (


App launches browser on developer link clicked

Gif of the flow of the app

  Latest Feature  

 The app now displays a list of java(skill-set) developers in Uyo, Akwa-ibom state, Nigeria shows their details in their detail activity and takes the user to the developer's profile once the developer's link is clicked

Technology Stack/ Requirements

  GitNaija is built completely on the native Android OS. It is built with Java as the standard programming Language and Extensible MarkUp Language (Xml) for the front-end implementations. 

  •   The app uses android’s retrofit2 to make requests to different apis in the Github’s REST API v3. based on their relationships.
  •   The app will also use the Model View Presenter Architecture to help separate the presentation layer from the logic to make testing more easy without using instrumentation tests.
  •   The app will also use Android Junit Runner to run unit tests and Expresso to run its UI (User Interface) tests. 
  •   It uses TravisCI as the Continuous Integration tool for Continous Integration into the repository.  


  Some of the updates that will be added to this app are stated below.  

  •   Providing the user with options to pick the skill set of their choice and the region of their choice of Github developers to be displayed.
  •   Searching for developers in the region stated above. 
  •   Providing different themes for the user.
  •   Providing persistent data (offline capabilities).
  •  Sharing developers’ details to friends on other social media platforms.
  •   Creating a list (team) the user can add selected developers to. 

How to Contribute   

  •   Email me at [email protected]
  •   Fork the repository  
  •   Checkout the new branch  
  •  Add your features

  Github Repository

Here is a link to the apk file for testing


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I think it's a great app you are building and I love the roadmap, keep it up.

Thanks boss

Thank you for your contribution. Though as per in the current state your app does not qualify as any unique alternative to what github has. If they want to know they can directly go to Github and search for the particular profile. Since your RoadMap looks promising, we would like you to continue working on the project.

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Alright. Thank you

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