Teaser 1 - @bidbuddy coming soon - A Fund Manager, Bid Aggregator, Bid Marketplace

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You have written a nice funky post, with lot of intellectual thoughts going into it. You hit the submit button and then wait....


and some more waaaaiiiitttttttt for some whale votes to come in...

3 days have passed....

The post has not earned the reward you feel is deserves; but the time is ticking...

FINALLY you decide to promote your post using bid bot services (vote buying) to give it just a little boost that people start noticing it... You have some marketing budget (SBDs ) but confused how to spend among the 70 bid bots at SteemBotTracker....

Life is full of challenges isn't it...

@bidbuddy is coming to help you

Send one cumulative bid to @bidbuddy and relax

we are equipping @bidbuddy with some cool algorithms that will continuously scan the complete BidBot market and place your bids based on certain conditions... here is the Teaser....

teaser bidbuddy coming soon.JPG

Keep watching this space for more

@bidbuddy - Your Smart Fund Manager

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thanks for your feedback... this was just a teaser of the larger project... in our next update we shall focus on the specific USPs (the similarities and the uniqueness)...

I am eagerly waiting for it 😀
It can really help members to get more out of Bots they use.

How do you avoid spam accounts using it to Farm?
Will you ask bidbots for their spam lists?
Will you just send this to other bidbots or will you wait for a good roi ?

Wasn't there already a service like that?
They just forwarded it to other bots without calculating any roi

Appreciate your thoughts

How do you avoid spam accounts using it to Farm?

First of all, we don't do the upvoting for now. We may add that feature at a later point in time. Secondly, we hate spam, article spinner accounts, identity thefts etc and we have a small internal blacklist already. In addition to this, we will be looking for @cheetah, @steemcleaners etc as well. Needless to say, keeping the blockchain free from spam, plagiarized content, Intellectual property violations etc are of high priority.

Some of the learning from a small bot that we have been operating to identify abusers is incorporated into the platform. High level details are here: https://steemit.com/hello/@thefreebird/init-1

Will you ask bidbots for their spam lists?

We may do that. But we will NEVER end up helping the spammers by sending bids where the user accounts are not blacklisted. Rather, we would standby the bidbots and thier policies -- our ROI will go down, but we will be respecting bidbots and every effort will be made to fight spam.

They just forwarded it to other bots without calculating any roi

Not sure which service was that. @BidBuddy will not be a bid-bouncer sort of a service but rather our objective is to provide reasonable ROI. In the event of not able to provide a fair, minimum pre-defined and published ROI, we will return the funds (in part or full depending upon the amount for which we were able to generate a good ROI)

This looks very interesting. It will be very useful for good writers who are minnows and are not well recognized.

Thank you. @bidbuddy's objective is to support good content and the eco-system by offering value added services.

This idea is excellent!!!...can't wait for more teasers and finally the product itself

Thanks.. we are also equally excited about this project... it will be live soon... till then keep your blogs ready

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true. that is wanted now. i bid 2 SBD to aksdwi and the bot vanished. always off line not found in steembottracer also.
so do it as early as possible

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Sorry, this never went live... all the codes are set.. ready to sell for 10,000 SBD

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