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RE: [Translation][Vietnamese] OroCommerce (1266 words) (Part 14)

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Thank you for your contribution to the Davinci-Utopian translation project @lecongdoo3. This is your 67th contribution to the translation category.

In this translation, overall you are using the correct words and the layout is well structured, it has a logical flow and uses correct punctuation. However, there is an error in your translation and I will send you a message via Discord. "Freight Classes" in this context is "Các lớp hàng hoá". Please pay attention to a plural noun oro.shipping.freightclass.entity_plural_label

My suggestion

➊ Các lớp hàng hoá

Please be advised that there are new changes in Davinci's policies on a maximum of 2 translations per translator per week and does not exceed the total of 5 contributions for the whole team.

Thank you for fixing the previous errors in your translation. You have done more than 91% of the translation for OroCommerce in Vietnamese language and you are getting close to finishing up the project. Before you start a new project, please let me know which project you will be working on.

I don't see any spelling mistakes in your post and it is easy to understand. Thank you for providing what you have learned during your translation for the readers and for your effort to improve your post. I am happy to see that you also included the source of the images and data in your post.


It is a pleasure to have you as a team member. I look forward to seeing your next contributions.

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Thank you for your review, @carlpei! Keep up the good work!