Fixed multiple posts load and added load new posts button

Pull request

Based on the @ecoinstant bug report and his suggested solution, we have fixed the problem loading more user post in the easy back link functionality for mobile devices.

We have added the button Load more posts at the end of the screen scroll. Clicking this button we will load an extra group of user posts. If there are not more posts to load, the button will be hidden.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 4.51.48 PM.png

This new functionality is available for mobile and desktop devices.

We have fixed too the multiple posts loading. Previously, if users scroll down very quickly, a post could be loaded multiple times.

Now if there is an open request, no more requests can be sent.

We are committed to continually improving this tool and its overall design so that it can one day become home to the most interesting scripts and scrapes from all across the blockchain.

Love and Light to All!



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What is the purpose of this tool? Looks interesting. Can you do more besides pulling out user posts? Very cool that you fixed the bug report. Utopian at its best!

Hello! The easy backlinks was the first functionalily, and still needs a little design work - and ultimately we are looking at pulling them from the sql managed database.

Our most unique tool on the site is the Selfie generator, which scrapes user entries from each day of @papa-pepper's daily steemit selfie challenge (up to day 47 currently).

We are experimenting with other scraping features, we have many ideas and this is our tool - one day it may be highly useful to people as well!

I did not even know this tool existed. I will have to spend some time in it...

Thanks for making my experience better before I even show up!

Thank you josephsavage for stopping by! There is so much great information in the blockchain, we love to think about more ways to visualize it!

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.

nice posting brother

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