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RE: Analysis : Posts created per day and Organic Ratio

in #utopian-io4 years ago

Hi @firedream, great work! However, I think the results have to be taken with a grain of salt. Around 24h is a rather short period, given that most users (at least those with original content and a life outside of Steem :) ) probably post less frequently than once per day. I know this is rather cumbersome and time consuming with direct blockchain access like SteemJS, but maybe SteemSQL could help to get a broader picture? Additionally, you've discovered quite a number of bots spaming the blockchain posting every couple of minutes. Those typically aren't here for the community, vote for themselves and optionally with a network of voting-accounts. Is this the kind of posts that should appear as "organic"? Distinguishing those from real/human/original/organic/... non-bid-bot-voted posts is difficult and I honestly don't know if any cut could filter those out reliably. If you have any idea, let me know!

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@crokkon, thank you for your comments.
I completely agree with you on SteemSql usage for data extraction.
I realized how torture it is to me and to my computer to extract data from blockchain with SteemJs :)
Next analysis will be with SteemSql.(let's support arcange :) )
For the organic, the issue is really getting more and more complicated.
Until now, I was thinking of organic as not taking hormones(bot votes) for growth.
But now it seems, organic should be defined from the seed, the source of the post.

What I see is, these bot-seeded posts do not grow that much (yet).
We have to observe and find a common characteristic of these.
I have checked the posting authorities if I can find similarities because if they are not posting themselves, a bot must be posting for them.
No similarities so they should have directly have given the posting key to a bot.
I will dive deeper and keep you informed.

Hey @crokkon
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