Translation of 'BuddyPress' - English to Spanish/Venezuela - 1,102 words - Part #6

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Hello Steemit and Utopian!

This is my contribution for the BuddyPress proyect, a translation by myself and a little help from my tool and Paint for the images :)

I hope that my work has been useful and of good quality.

Project Details

This proyect is about the translation of all the functions, characteristics and widgets of a forum on buddy press, which have a lot of different tools to move, mark and control all your post and topics. I decided to pick this proyect so I can keep practicing my English while I learn more about management of topics and forums on buddy press. You should pick up this proyect because is an useful way to broad your knowledge while you help other people to get this useful tool in their own language.

Links related to the translation

Crowdin link:

GitHub link:

My activity link:

Source Language

The source language of the project is English.

Translated Language

This project has been translated by me to Spanish. Right now there’s 9,354 words left to translate, that means 63% of the project.

Total of words: 15,026(total) - 610 (part 1) - 633 (part 2) - 1,129 (part 3) - 1,079 (part 4) - 1,119 (part 5) - 1,102 (this part/part 6) = 9,354.

Number Of Words

Total number of words translated by me: 5,672.

Total number of words translated for this part: 1,102.

Work Proof



Before work

bbpress.pot before.png

After work

bbpress.pot after.png


activity woork proof parte 6.png

Previous translation on the same project

Number of words translated on the project before this report: 4,570.

Thanks for watching my work,


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