Automation Scripts for Developers and Makers

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Automation Scripts for Developers and Makers

I love automatisms. Every developer should put more into automatisms.
For quite some time now I have been building scripts which take over a lot of work.
Since the scripts are getting more and more I started a repository where I collect all my scripts.


New Features

What feature(s) did you add?

  • Auto vote script for Steemit
  • Get all users for makerlog
  • Tweet Maker of the day from Makerlog
  • Auto vote script for Twitter
  • Tweet random tweets at Twitter

How did you implement it/them?

Here I would like to show you the newest script. The newest script is an auto vote script for Steemit. So you don't have to give your keys to services. Everything is up to you and therefore more secure.

You can find the script itself under:

The whole script is designed to run with Cron.
This was supported by the latest patch patch 0ca7c94

What do you need now

  • NodeJS
  • NPM

How to install it

git clone [email protected]:dehenne/automation-scripts.git

  • Execute npm installation

npm install

  • Fill in all config parameters

Please fill in all settings in the config.js file.

// which users should be voted
let USERS = ['username', 'username', 'username'];

// Weighting of votes
const CONFIG_WEIGHT = 10000;

// User name of the voter

// Password of the voter

  • Run the script by nodejs run.js

If you want to run the whole thing automatically you can use cron to do this.
I recommend to run this every 5 minutes.

*/5     *       *       *       *       cd PATH_TO_THE_SCRIPT; nodejs run.js

A good explanation on how to use cron can be found at

The Run Script

The run script is quite simple. It votes only on posts that are older than 15 minutes, noticed if you voted already and votes only posts that are younger than 5 days.

The complete source code is documented as usual.
The most important functions are:

GitHub Account

For further ideas of some automation scripts you are welcome to write me an issue.

Thanks for reading


First of all, welcome back! I think most developers create similar scripts that automate stuff - it's only natural since we are so lazy. ;) Some cool scripts there, but I've never heard of Makerlog. It looks pretty interesting, so I might check it out!

As for the code (I used this link to check the changes), here are some thoughts:

  • The indentation and naming of variables are weird imo. Lining up all = isn't necessary, and things aren't consistently camelCase, but I guess that's up to you.
  • Small inconsistencies like mixing of let when const can be used.
  • Better to use forEach instead of a normal forloop, since you aren't actually counting anything and it's a lot more readable.
  • Maybe it's better to use a separate configuration file instead of having them as variables in the JavaScript file itself.

All in all, it could be pretty useful for some people! However, since programmers themselves probably already have something like this (the autovoter), I think the target audience is more than likely people who don't code, and so it could be more user friendly in my opinion. Anyway, as I said before, it's great to have you back, and I hope to see more contributions from you (and the rest of the PCSG guys) in the future!

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