The Awesome Visiblity List

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The Awesome Visiblity List

Awesome Visiblity List



If you have started your own startup or finished your own product, you will soon have a problem. Where can I promote it? There is not only google or facebook ads. In the Internet there are also many lists, communities and other possibilities.

Since two weeks I collect links to communities, podcasts, radio shows and directories where you can advertise startups, apps or products.

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I am in heart maker and every two three months I create a product, app, module or plugin. Also startups are included in the list and every time I had a problem. Promotion and visibility.

Since two weeks I collect links to communities, podcasts, radio shows and directories where you can promote startups, apps and products.

Because I'm not the only one who have that problem, I made an Awesome list out of it. Useable for everyone, free and under public domain license.

I know, there are already some lists of directories that have been compiled, but there have always been many problems. Links were outdated, the last update was months or years ago and there was no rating.

Nobody wants to go through 100 links to notice that it costs something, that the link does not work or that the service is not maintained anymore. I wanted a list that covered different things.

It's supposed to be easy to see:

  • which services are profitable
  • which services are free or not
  • which services are easy to use

Two weeks of work have now become my Awesome Visibility List.

The links are now grouped as follows:



Of course Utopian is also on the list. :D

I would be happy about further links, podcasts and shows. The first PR's have already arrived and as it turns out I am not alone with this problem.

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