steemLore: first thoughts about game modes

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This little gaming project of mine got a name and will be called steemLore from now on. There also is an account @steemlore reserved for the future. But thats not what this post is about.

Today I want to talk a little bit about game modes and describe some I am planning to implement. I already gave a first example in the introduction post and just want to show that it can be more diverse than just that.

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The most obvious one. Two or more teams fight for the highest score or the team achieving a certain score first will win.

Although this seems to be very simple I think it will be a challenging one to imlpement. There needs to be something that brings people to join the inferior team so everyone not simply joins the leading one. Maybe rewards will be higher when the score is close together or there might be a bonus when a weak team manages to surpass the leading one. Another way would be to add some more possibilities to score points like activity in some kind of way.


Two or more teams fight for a combined score. The team surpassing this scoring limit wins. This one is a little bit more tactical because you can win with a single well timed scoring action. Thus the winning team can be way smaller resulting in higher rewards for each member individually.

King of the Hill

In this the teams have to hold a certain winning condition as long as possible. The team scoring highest at a given time or the team holding the winning condition for a certain time will win.

Much like the Arena mode there need to be benefits for joining the weaker team.


This one focusses on supporting each other. Team member need to interact in a certain way with each other to score points.

I like the idea of having people to not only interact with one post but see what other players are doing on steem. They may find useful new content and connect to each other.

multi-staged events

There may be events that is split into multiple stages, each stage providing a little bonus for the next one. For example players firsst have to be diplomatic which will give them a multiplicator to their scoring points for an arena event.

variations and penalties

Each mode can have a couple of variations. The winner can be decided after achieving a certain score or after a set amount of time. Each vote can be a point or the value of a vote can be of importance.

When voting power is crucial players may be limited on their steem power. This can be done by setting a fixed maximum a player can score or let players score less with for each steem power the more power they have. Excluding them from rewards and score calculations would be another way.

Also people joining multiple teams will be penalized. The defector may get an arrow in his knee, excluding him from the rewards.


I want these games embedded in stories so each game mode with its variations may feel a little bit else and most likely there will be more ways to do things and some of the described may just not work out.

What are your thoughts about this? What are your ideas about how to do a little minigame on the steem? Almost every interaction is stored on the blockchain and can be used.

See you on steem.

  • steemLore: first thoughts about game modes

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