steemLore: offering 10 SBD for a banner image

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This is a task request for my steemLore project. The project is about a story driven, interactive collection of minigames. See the introduction post for more information. If you like, you can also visit @steemlore and give him a hug.

My storybot will be finished soon, but beside that there is a lot that can be done. A banner image will increase the visual appeal of the account as well as the story posts it will send.

Because this is something I can't do myself I am looking for talented people who know their way about with tools like photoshop.

steemLore Logo

what should be shown

In steemLore I want to tell stories in a medieval fantasy setting. It's about fighting for power, castles, armies and the occasional dragon. I think of it more like a Wheel of times or Game of Thrones kind of setting than a Lord of the rings for example.

The picture above, which I found on sums it up pretty well. I like the idea of having the "lore" in it somehow.

Detailed instructions would be:

  • a castle
  • troops (marching or exercising)
  • dragon(s)
  • some kind of book or scroll
  • a crown (or other symbol of power)
  • a chest with treasure (or something else that indicates wealth)

But if you want to be creative i can go without any of this if you come up with something awesome yourself and this would restrict you.

sizing & file type

I want to use the image as profile cover image as well as for header image in posts. For the cover image it has to fill the full width of a fullhd screen. For mobile designs and post header there has to be something interesting in the center 640 pixel wide.

So I will need an image with height of 155px and width of 1920px.

I will need the image as JPEG. If you want to provide a lossless version as well I'd gladly take it.


I see that this is a lot for the 10 SBD I offer, but sadly that is all I can afford right now. I would love to pay way more for creative work.

However this will be a task request on so please add your work as a contribution there.

update: please see @espoem's comment if you want your contribution to be approved by

Please link the post in the comments.


Without additional agreements this task request will end friday, march 30th, at 24:00 UTC.

update: please do not submit your contribution before 29 March 00:00:00 if you want it to be approved by . See the comments.

Please contact me if you think this is not enough.


You can leave me a comment on this post or contact me on discord (DerAsmo#9548). If you favour another kind of communication please also tell me in the comments.


I need full rights to use the picture for steemLore and its promotion as I please. By providing the image through the comments you accept that I will have these rights when transferring the 10 SBD.

See you on steem.


I didn't knew Utopian upvotes on task requests so I didn't expect the additional rewards.
I decided to use some of these rewards on contributions as I see fit.

Posted on - Rewarding Open Source Contributors


revised and added some more details.

steem new.jpg

it will look like this

it's me, kizzbonez.

Sorry, must have missed your comment.
This looks really cool. Did you create a post for utopian?

Nevermind, found it.

I really like the look of it but this would not fit as an account banner.


For the account banner I don't need the font in it.
The account information has to be easy to read.

Ok i will revise it according to your prefered size

Your task request has been approved in Utopian. I will write few notes for you to adjust the description and know the contributors the process.

  • Only contributions submitted via Utopian from 29 March 00:00:00 to 30 March 23:59:59 (UTC) may be considered for the reward. Contributions submitted earlier or after the deadline will be rejected.
  • We will reward at most 2 persons.
  • The contributors should include a CC0 license for the public domain which will allow you to use the image as you want.

You can contact us on Discord.

Sorry but your comment has no sense... how is that a contribution submitted earlier than deadline will be rejected?

What I mean is that the contributions should be submitted via Utopian on those defined days.

They can share it with derasmo earlier but due to the 7 days of payout, we try to gather all the work at approximately same time.

Hätte ich Zeit würde ich mich da gerne reinhauen, aber das funktioniert leider nicht in den nächsten 1,5 Wochen. Ich hoffe du bekommst aber auch so was passendes :)

I would love to participate in it.

I'd love you participate in it.

Feel free to contact me any time if you have questions.

I'm a bit confuse in sizing.
Can you clear that?

There would be a single image of 155*1920 or there would be multiple images?

Yes, it is a single 155*1920.

However I would appreciate if you provide a higher resolution as well,
so i can rescale it myself if needed.

But that is your decision.

Please reply on my comments so I get notified and can respond faster on that. Almost missed your question. :(

OH, I'm sorry I didn't notice that. Do you have discord id?
So that I could show you work progress.

Thank you for your work. I transfered 3 SBD to this account.

I am so sorry you didn't made a post for this and don't have a chance for a little utopian bonus. I am to blame for that because of my bad communication with you.

Hope you are not upset, but had to decide for one of your awesome images and had to give the 10 SBD to someone else.

You can see all contributions and how I decided here.

oh man!
NO problem,
Don't need to say sorry.
Good luck with your story <3

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