Design Contribution of Orca Steem Avatar [Accepted by PO]

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Underwater photo by Krystian Tambur.



Project Details

Steem Avatar Generator is a project running by @wearecodex, it's a project to randomize Steem Avatar on their website. See their website here:

My Contribution

There was only Minnow and Dolphin that already has a form. I make the Orca Avatar's design, and they like it. The communication is often, several of discussion has been made in the @wearecodex Discord Server.
I personally get contacted with the Project Owner too, I offer her the sketch and she said she love it and ask me to finish it, you can see our conversation here:

I already made a post in their Github, it's in Issues #5. I already make a Pull Request #6, and they merged it to their master.

Orca Avatar Design

Benefits / Improvements

  • The design is using Smart Objects in the making, so it still contain .AI in the .PSD for flexibility and
    editable vector.
  • This Orca design is universal, you can make it a male or female orca. Its up to you.
  • There is a layer for accessories, so you can modified and add more objects in the future.

Proof of authorship

The screenshot while I make the avatar is here on GOOGLE DRIVE.


I use CorelDRAW 2017 (x64) to trace and export. Vector files in .EPS for flexibility and scalability, as well as .PNG file format for immediate use of the designs is provided in Google Drive folder below.

Original Files and Referenced Links

Original Files
Conversation with PO
Github Issues #5
Github Pull Request #6
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Proof of Work Done


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Gambarnya keren Bang.

Terima kasih @furqanzedef, masih tetep harus belajar lagi hhe.

Wow! Has the ocean party started? Love the Orca design!

Not yet, but when it come, they sure need a lot of resources and assets!

Pecah, keren master,...

Terimakasih gan!

Harus saya telusuri dulu ini. Apa mirip tukang parkir lagi 😂

Kali ini adanya di lampulo 🙄

Hey @dimensco
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