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Project Details
Utopian is the only platform rewarding contributions to Open Source projects by utilizing a decentralised, vote-based reward system built on top of the STEEM Blockchain. See their website here.

The Task Request
They make a task request and ask designers to make a mascot. They want a friendly, suitable for 1:1 size, and represents Utopian.

Mascot Idea

The idea came from what is Utopian do till now. Utopian is currently improving the economics of Open Source Project with using blockchain. Exactly like a "Hero".

Mascot Avatars

The mascot head is suitable to be a Discord Avatar.

Benefits / Improvements

  • The mascot is a human that easy to make different pose.
  • The mascot has 3 core logo in Utopian. They are Github, Open Source, and Utopian itself.
  • Friendly, cool, and cute.

Proof of authorship

The screenshot while I make the mascot is here on GOOGLE DRIVE.


I use CorelDRAW 2017 (x64) to trace and export. Vector files in .EPS for flexibility and scalability, as well as .PNG file format for immediate use of the designs is provided in Google Drive folder below.

Original FilesandLink used in Project
.EPS and .PNGGoogle Drivehttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1dItUzC6XMro7BRXpHD-qz17O_cs21hQv
AXIS FontSource to Linkhttps://www.behance.net/gallery/17890579/axis-typeface/
Github LogoImage Sourcehttps://www.bvoh.com/company/github/github-logo/
Open Source LogoImage Sourcehttps://seeklogo.com/vector-logo/242228/open-source
LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Proof of Work Done



woow! This is a great character! It was a very good idea to use the 3 logos, utopian, github and open source :D The github logo is very subtle but once you notice you can't unsee it.

I admire the way you combine different line thickness and even no-line in some parts and make shapes pop!

The only "but" I find here is the hands could be worked a bit more:

It is only a slight detail that is almost nothing, the design as whole is amazing and I know if that detail 'bothers' utopian jury, you could modify a little, that shouldn't make them change their decision if they pick your mascot as best!:D

It truly is one of the best!

You know what... they should pick many and make an utopian mascot team!!!;D

yeah, actually I'm lack of skill if it was a hand. Even when sketchs, I always make the hand rounded like Doraemon xD
Thanks for your correction, @fabiyamada! That's why when I saw it, it was a little bit weird, but cannot find what. You found it!

you're welcome :D
it was just a little detail, the rest is sooo coool!!:D

Hey @fabiyamada
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Wow love it! This is like a character for platformer game. Good job, mate!

Yeah! Actually I got inspired by Viewtiful Joe game :D

The concept was good @dimensco, and the color also is well applied.

Thanks! I made several changes regarding the color before the final one.

You're great, you're best, perfect

Thank you! We're all trying the best

Nice one. I like the version without visor and the one with tiny hands. Good job.

Thank you for your feedback! The visor is like an addon accessories :D

Iyak. Mantap ini.
Kiri kanan tros tros. Prippppp.
This is like a Parking Man. 😂😂😂. But, Good job buddy. This is a part with really hard to adopt to the mascot is character . this is the most difficult thing to collaborate with the mascot. goodjob buddy. have a nice day.

sttt.. ini mah job sampingan selain jadi maskot, bang. hahah. Jadi kang parkir pula kan gayanya wkwk.

Amazing concept! Great work @dimensco!

Thank you for the compliment!

The mascot is very nice and cute. but one thing you have to remember, becareful when using third party (specially a trade marked logo) such as open source logo.

The open source logo is a trademark of Open Source Initiative. you can see their logo usage guidelines here https://opensource.org/logo-usage-guidelines

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uh oh, can I ask something @nilfanif? What if we make a hidden logo, but only visible a half? Like the Github Logo in my mascot, is it counted as using a trademarked logo too? Thanks for your feedback!

i dont know with github logo, but i believe they also have their logo usage guidelines.

susah juga kalau mau buat logo tersembunyi ya, padahal unik kalau bisa nemuin logo yang tersirat hmm..

Hey @dimensco
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