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Votefund is an app and site based on steem to help users crowdfund. All approved content posted through the site will also be upvoted by the @votefund account to support the projects. The benefits of crowdfunding through votefund are low fees(votefund will take only a small(still undecided) percentage of post rewards to keep ourselves going), its free for others to support your fund as they just need to vote, which means that anyone can help support funds that they like. See their introduction in this article.

The project owner are looking for logo for their project, they want a simplicity and a minimalistic logo of "VF" with bright and standout colors. See their task request.

This is the logo design I made, the color I choose is blue and yellow. Where blue is Trust, Power, Professional, and Yellow is Innovation and Happiness.

Color Variations

Benefits / Improvements

  • Minimalistic logo
  • Can be used in one color
  • Easily recognized
  • Professional and friendly looks for crowfunding logo

Alternatives Type 1

Alternatives Type 2


I use CorelDraw 2017 (x64) to make this logo. Here's some proof of works that I make it from scratch:

Original files

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018
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that's a great logo !! i like it !! nice job buddy !! keep it up !!

Hei thanks!

Thank you for your contribution. Unfortunately your contribution cannot be approved due to following reasons

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