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RE: Mobilizing the Steem Community on CryptoTwitter [Upvote Rewards 4 Follows]

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I hate to get all spammy here, but I wrote a small piece up on my own strategy which is to compare traditional social network posts to their Steem, or other cryptographic social networks, outcomes.

I take a screenshot of my instagram or YouTube post and then compare them to the Steem versions. In every case, I've made at least a few cents compared to $0.00. I think that's a practical and simple way of marketing cryptocurrency social networks.
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That's a fantastic example! That would make an interesting DApp idea - creating a side by side interface where you publish the same thing on steemit / medium ... steepshot / instagram... youtube / dtube... and then track the results!

Anyway sorry that's off topic, hah - thanks for sharing this. People get really caught up (negatively) with 25¢ posts, when in reality that's more value than other social networks will ever pay. A great marketing strategy that can immediately resonate with content creators.

If I knew how to program, I would do it myself! Good idea. A real time comparison based off of a shared hashtag maybe?

The steem blockchain needs strategies like this,like you earlier said twitter is one social that gives update about cryptocurrencies ..i think i will start following up steemit in twitter so i can keep myself abreast about so many things.

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