eSteem University logo creation proof of work

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"The Github repository linked to the submission post must contain the project’s source code..."

"Contributions to own projects that do not accept contributions from other users will not be eligible for potential reward."

  • Im sorry, but this contribution breaks these rules.

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Is it not open for everyone?
It's an open source community. There is no source code since it's not an application, only graphics are there.

a great work @dunsky,a very useful program,success is always @dunsky

always with astonishing designs, you are incredible.. thanks for this

Good logo @dunsky. I am very appreciative and very pleased with the presence of eSteem University. good luck what we aspire to. Regards

it's incredible. It's an attention-grabbing creativity.

I've been looking for this kind of community for a while...thanks for eSteem University! I've got to join!

A very interesting logo, good luck always for you and also for the project being run (Esteem university community)

Terima kasih informasinya

Hi, congratz, you are now listed on the Steemians directory ( You can read more about this initiative here: If you like this project it would be great if you could resteem the post to make more people aware of it.
If you don’t want to be listed just leave me a comment and I will delete your profile from the website. Thank you very much for reading and I’m looking forward to your feedback!
PS: I’m NOT a bot so… I’m really looking forward to your feedback 😊

Thank you! It's interesting initiative... Is it fully automatic or you can edit it? Since I can answer in Russian as well :) and interested in art, illustration, design...

It's fully me :-) I'll add add russian to your profile!
Thanks for taking the time to give me feedback and of course for your generous support, really appreciated!

You're welcome! Then please add interest in illustration and design as well if you can...

Russian and illustration added (congratz, your the first in illustration, it's now a new category)
I didn't add design yet… the "interested in" on your profile are in fact the categories other people can click on when searching the directory... I didn't see posts about design in your feed... at least, it is not the majority. So if someone looks for design and click on your profile he/she will see mostly illustrations (art) and not really design...

Oh, I see. Then #illustration and #art is more than enough, thank you!

you're very welcome, pleasure is all mine. Really enjoyed your work!