Thank you for giving us a shoutout to our witness.

We feel sorry that bad turns of events forced your hand into making this hard decision. Witness or not, it's undeniable that @utopian-io is giving enormous value to the Steem ecosystem.

It is with great hope that with you and your team's continued effort, may one day forge leave an impact that will be felt by the internet itself at large. We very much are behind the very idea that gave birth to - rewarding open source contribution.

Loosing the @utopian-io community witness is a big blow to the the whole Steem ecosystem. I'm deeply sorry that things have to take this turn for the worse.

However, I would respect your decision to suspend the witness as i understand it is a large commitment of time and resources and we're not exactly in the best crypto times.

Thank you for shouting out to other witnesses and giving them the well deserved attention.

Utopian is doing something wonderful, and it is my hope that this project truly takes off and be THE platform for open source contribution. It's not an easy problem you and the team is trying to solve. Regardless, I have confidence that you and the team have what it takes to pull through.

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Running a witness is filled with technical challenges. You guys have done a reliable job for quite some time. I am certain you will be able to address the issues fairly quickly and return to functional form in very little time.

I appreciate the plug for @stem.witness, @lemouth and I continue to work to keep it and our brodcast node in working order.

Though recently all we do is lose support :(

He and I are clearly not vocal enough... (hardly at all these days, everything in the shadows, must not inspire confidence).

Thanks again. Best of luck.

I join my voice to this comment!

I am strongly against taking the witness down. The witness is an important asset and a key element in the evolution of the project. If you need some help to set up the witness, I can put you in touch with the right people.

Really sorry to read this and thanks for mentioning the @steempeak witness. I'll keep my vote for your witness active for a while in case you decide to resume it sooner than later.

I fully understand the importance to focus on your main target at the moment, but maybe you can try to find a partnership that allows you to restart the witness delegating part of the maintenance it requires to someone else.

It doesn't really make sense to not get the witness back up and running when you are in desperate need of funding. I'm not sure how much you get per day, but surely what you make from the witness is enough to keep it running and more? Very strange decision imo...

Sorry to hear about this @elear.

I have moved my vote to @actifit.

Definitely thank you for the word about Actifit and the support!

I must say though that it would be unfortunate for utopian to halt altogether the witness activity. I am not sure how available @helo is, but if not, there are many amazing witness gurus who could help quite well with getting the server out of its troubles and back in shape.

Thanks for your support and do let me know when you are back online (then I'll vote for you again)

I am sorry to hear about the challenges the project is facing as I feel the team has been instrumental to drive innovation and development throughout the ecosystem. I appreciate the communication and the transparency as you seke to rebuild and focus on your core initiatives. I look forward to seeing how the community comes together and supports as well as it can surely create value!

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There are many people in this community who are willing to help you guys, stopping the witness will create further financial problems. You need to get it back working as soon as possible..

I agree with some of the comments, I think this issue happened definitely at the wrong time but the witness could provide some income to utopian so I hope this suspension will just be temporary. Of course, I will keep my witness vote and thank you for mentioning @davinci.witness

If you need someone to run it for you until a suitable admin is found there are many of us who will help. Just look at the comments here. Most people here know how hard you've worked to get Utopian where it is today.

You should reconsider bringing the witness server back up. Taking it down is another big budget cut.

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I'm very sorry to hear this and as many others, I also don't understand this decision. Afaik, once set up, it gives you profit without taking much of your time.

Of course I still respect your decision. Considering your time, you may get a loss. Anyhow, I sincerely hope your next project will work out well. Thanks.

ps. this important notice should be resteemed to @utopian-io

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Uneasy lies the Head that wears the crown. Yet, I would implore you to make a wise decision. I hope utopian gets back on its feet.

Hi @elear, this important notice should be resteemed to @utopian-io or should've been written by that account. Not many people know that you're running Utopian.

If you need funds, why aren't you accepting rewards on your most recent two posts? I don't know the financial math involved with being a witness, but if the other comments suggesting you keep it up to help with funds are right then I'm with them. My vote will stay for the time being [ although I also gave votes out to some that you recommended, thanks for the suggestions! ].

I hope everything goes well for you. Utopian is awesome & I want it to succeed.

Stay strong, and good luck!

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