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RE: How to achieve the highest score for a better Utopian reward for development contributions

in #utopian-io3 years ago (edited)

Great post just in time for me. You didn't talk about the 14 days limit as it was my only problem for now. I have been planning to publish my first development contribution for last 2 months, but every time I want to do that, some commits/PRs past the time limit:) Then I add more feature commits as the rewards now exponentially given (as the contribution needs to be more valuable), then again older commits get timeout. Could you change this time limit to be like 3 weeks? Thank you. My repository:


You can regroup your commits in a Pull Request. The time of the Pull Request will be taken into account and not the commits. That's why it's also better to use PR instead of commits on the master branch

Oh, I did not realise that. That's awesome

Thank you for the answer. I actually use PRs most of the time. By the "commits", I meant the time of the PRs gets over 14 days. When I have several commits, I make the PR in the meantime so mostly commit time and PR are same.