LightDB v0.0.2 has been released

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What is the project about?

LightDB is another database service and solution for Steem and is based on Mysql.

LightDB will focus on the social data, not all data of Steem, such as users, comments and votes.

That's why I call it light.

LightDB also gives an easy way to deploy by docker.

New Features

  • Rewrite all the block cache layer and improve the sync speed.
  • Restructure database.
  • Finish all transfer scripts.

Proof of work

GitHub Account


It's a nice beginning. You did well starting with a lightDB as some data are a nightmare to collect (I'm thinking of all the data related to finance)

A few remarks:
Your PR is huge, way too huge. The aim of a pull request is to write a functionality that will be reviewed by someone. Here you basically wrote your entire project. Commit on the master branch you have the same effect.

How do you deal with post modification ?

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The bad data causes a huge PR. I have to test again and again. :(

Can you convert your timestamps to SQL format in the database? e.g. 2018-06-22 00:44:09

I think saving as integer will decrease the storage use. On the other hand the integer timestamp is easy to use in PHP code.

True. However I often interact with databases using UI clients, it's easier to look at human readable dates than unix timestamps 😉

MySQL is a weak, you can use e.g. postgresql

During the development, I found that MySQL does really not fit Blockchain data.
MySQL was chosen because I am a php developer and MySQL and php are good partners.

I think the big problem of steem data is that the data consistency is relatively poor, and the format of the data is flexible. I prefer to select Nosql (such as MongoDB), if I rebuild this project.

But idea is not bad, all of steemit SQL projects has one problem - no elastic queries with metadata_json (e.g. equal, bigger/smaller operators)

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