DBooks.org Goes Open Source; Contribute to Our Development

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DBooks.org is a self publishing platform built on the Steem Blockchain and developed with the MEAN stack.
It consists of a Frontend (Available live on https://www.dbooks.org); implemented with AngularJS, UI-Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS with an MVC architecture
And a Backend implemented with MongoDB, ExpressJS, NodeJS and SteemConnect v2 with the same Architecture (Available live on https://dbooks-api.herokuapp.com)
Extensive documentations of the above and their inner workings, would be provided in subsequent posts

Proposal Description

@DBooks.org currently available on (https://www.dbooks.org) is the Steem BlockChain's premier book publishing platform. First Launched in April 2018, the platform has experienced a decent growth rate, with over 201 users (writers & readers) with over 72 books currently published on the platform with a collective total of 1039 reads as at the time of publishing this post
We have now decided to go full open source after the initial stages of our development, and put the development of the platform and community in the hands of the community.
To achieve this, we are proposing a total redevelopment and redesign of our frontend and improvements to our backend infrastructure.
This redevelopment would be done to meet the following goals

  1. A more attractive and reactive design
  2. A more community oriented UX
  3. An improved and seamless integration with the Steem Blockchain
  4. Implementation of various community requested features
  5. Elimination of bugs

To meet these goals we would be opening up our frontend and backend source codes, documentations & development guidelines to the utopian community over the next couple of days.
After which we plan on providing step by step tasks as bounties towards achieving our development goals.

To participate in our development, the knowledge of one or more of the following would be required

  1. AngularJS 2
  2. NodeJS
  3. HTML5
  4. CSS
  5. Mongoose
  6. SteemConnect v2
  7. UI-Bootstrap

And we're hoping for a concentrated community effort that would altogether achieve the goal of making @dbooks.org into a world class decentralized self-publishing platform worthy of the Steem blockchain.


The Benefits of the implementation of a sustainable and rewarding self-publishing platform on the Steem Blockchain are almost boundless
First of all it would incentivize book writers of fiction and non-fiction to flock over to the Steem Blockchain, and earn sustainable rewards and royalties for the hardwork they put into writing their books.
Generally, having a book publishing platform would be good for the entire Steem community; serving as a great SEO for the Blockchain and drawing in established independent writers/publishers and their fans to the blockchain.
Changing our design approach to a more community oriented UX would improve on the existing bookstore design approach in the current version and allow for the development of the community with bounties, rewards and contests being integrated into the new design and implemenation




Very interesting!... Is it only to publish in English or can be published in Spanish too?. Greetings.

Currently yes! You can also publish in Spanish.

In fact in whatever language you want; however we don't currently have a translation service for converting from one language to another

Please don't even try to implement machine translations - those never work anything even closely to well.

Hi @feekayo - is this meant to be a task request for the development category? If so, then it would be best to create another task request with a specific task you want completed and use the "task-development" tag as the 2nd tag. It would also be great if you could improve the READMEs of both your repositories before then (you can see our guidelines to see what we expect).

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