Steemit ENG to TUR translation (1600 words)

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Project Details

Steemit is a social media platform where users can earn money by writing and also curating content. I wanted to translate this project because I believe in it and I wanted to be involved in it by translating it to Turkish. Other people might want to join because as much as it is a challenge translating it, being involved in Steemit is worth it.

Links related to the translation

Source Language


Translated Language

There are about 1300 words left in the Turkish translation.

Number Of Words

Number of words translated on this contribution: 1603

Proofread Words


Previous translation on the same project

I have not done translation for this project before.

Additional Information

I have used TM in 74 words and MT in 6 words of this translation. I think there were also some duplicate strings.





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Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

  • Please try to proofread a few words so we can see it in the activity page of the project.

You can contact us on Discord.

Thank you, I proofread some words as you asked. But I am planning not to proofread the whole project because I believe it requires a second eye to obtain a better translation.

Hey @fetch I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!


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