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About Curation Bot Simulator

Curation Bot Simulator is a tool made to analyze the what-if scenario when a user uses a bot to maximize the curation output from his/her upvotes.

The curation received mainly depends on 4 parameters:

  • The total of the votes (rshares) before the voter
  • The vote amount (your rshares)
  • The time of the vote – if there will be a time penalty
  • The vote that will be given after you – especially whale vote(rshares after)

While making experiments with Curation Break-Down tool, I have realized the following curation data on trending posts.

There are micro-votes that receive up to %500 of curation according to the vote value cast.

The %performance is calculated as
curation to be received (SBD)/vote cast (SBD) %

This means these micro votes receive much higher value than a self-upvote just from curation.

How is this possible?

As we said, this is only possible by playing with the 4 parameters that are affecting the curation output.
Writing the curation formula:

y = curation received disregarding time penalty.
x= rshares of voter (you)

If our vote is not too much significant in the equation then we can have an approach where there is a constant value for different curation outputs.

This, I call Ratio.

This ratio is linear with the performance of curation with minimal votes.
Making some mathematical simulation:

it is observed that the ratio is linear for the curation output.

The most important part is, x, being your vote must be insignificant.
With trial and error, the best performance is achieved for

To estimate the curation and to maximize it we certainly have to define the votes that will come after our vote and it must be a whale vote.

How can we know before a whale vote?

Bid-Bots is the answer.

If we listen to the steem blockchain, then we can see when people send money to bidbots and from the amount sent, we can predict the votes after.

This is the main function of curation bot simulator.

  • Listenes to the blockchain
  • When a bid is sent to bidbots calculates the most efficient vote and efficiency
  • Simulates a vote casting operation if efficiency is >%100
  • Calculates the cumulative efficiency of all votes.

Below is a screen-shot of a simulation.

As seen, %240 of voting power is used to cast 0.26 SBD worth vote and curation return is calculated to be 0.65 SBD ( 0.17 SP ) with an efficiency of %245

The votes are only cast when efficiency is calculated to be above %100

How to use Curation Bot Simulator

  • Press “Start Simulation” button

  • The simulator will start and as upvotes are casted the performance will be seen in the simulation DIV


The full code can be found in GitHub
The explanations for each line of code is also implemented

      url: ''
    // bot array from steembottracker
    var bots = ["postdoctor", "moneymatchgaming", "slimwhale", "boostbot", "honestbot", "ebargains", "lost-ninja", "estream.studios", "adriatik", "redwhale", "minnowhelper", "mrswhale", "foxyd", "mitsuko", "dailyupvotes", "lovejuice", "steembloggers", "booster", "megabot", "voterunner", "authors.league", "canalcrypto", "whalebuilder", "mercurybot", "msp-bidbot", "promobot", "upmewhale", "redlambo", "lrd", "lightningbolt", "sunrawhale", "upyou", "thebot", "onlyprofitbot", "pushbot", "flymehigh", "", "seakraken", "spydo", "childfund", "minnowvotes", "dolphinbot", "upme", "upboater", "proffit", "bluebot", "brupvoter", "oceanwhale", "jerrybanfield", "luckyvotes", "minnowfairy", "estabond", "bodzila", "peace-bot", "appreciator", "discordia", "emperorofnaps", "zapzap", "cryptoempire", "bearwards", "alphaprime", "therising", "buildawhale", "aksdwi", "sleeplesswhale", "isotonic", "noicebot", "upgoater", "dlivepromoter", "upmyvote", "youtake", "smartsteem", "fishbaitbot", "rocky1", "shares", "boomerang", "brandonfrye", "postpromoter", "pushup", "", "edensgarden", "pwrup", "inciter", "chronocrypto", "allaz", "sneaky-ninja"];
    var votetotal = 0;
    var percenttotal = 0;
    var curationtotal = 0;
    var cumeff = 0;
    var counter = 0;
    var feed;
    // Get the current feed-price. It will be used for SBD-Steem calculation
     steem.api.getFeedHistory(function(err, res) {
      feed = parseFloat(res.current_median_history.base);

// Initial function - Get the real-time transaction data from steem blockchain
    function search() {

      var release = steem.api.streamTransactions('head', function(err, result) {

        if (result.operations["0"]["0"] == 'vote') { // This is to put a visual indicator that the bot is working.Vote selected for high transaction amount.
          document.getElementById("err_div").innerHTML = document.getElementById("err_div").innerHTML + ".";
          if (counter > 30) {
            document.getElementById("err_div").innerHTML = "Online";
            counter = 0;

        // check if the operation is a tranfer and if the receiver is a bot
        if ((result.operations["0"]["0"] == 'transfer') && (bots.includes(result.operations["0"]["1"].to))) {
          if (parseFloat(result.operations["0"]["1"].amount) >= 0.5) { // check if the amount is big enough.

            var amount = result.operations["0"]["1"].amount;
            var link = result.operations["0"]["1"].memo;
            var bid_bot = result.operations["0"]["1"].to;
            get_post(amount, link);// send the transfer amount and post link to get the post data.


    // function for calculating curation
    function get_post(amount, link) {
      var perm = link.split("/"); //split the url to get permlink and user
      var length_perm = perm.length;
      var permlink = perm[length_perm - 1]; //the permlink is the last element after "/" sign 
      var user_raw = perm[length_perm - 2]; //form the array to find the user to be voted - user is found at the one before final element of array 
      var usmat = user_raw.split("@"); //we need the username without @sign, so split the raw array
      var author = usmat[usmat.length - 1]; //user name is the last element of the array  
      var ratio;
      steem.api.getContent(author, permlink, function(err, result) { // get values from steem.api for the post content

        var pay_out = parseFloat(result.pending_payout_value);// make pay-out float
        var post_date = Date.parse(result.created);//make post date *timestamp*
        var now = new Date;
        var utc_now = now.getTime() + now.getTimezoneOffset() * 60000;//convert now to UTC since post date is in UTC
        var diff = (utc_now - post_date) / (60 * 1000);// find how old is the post * to use in calculation of time penalty*
        var penalty = diff / 30; // find the difference from 30 mins
        if (penalty > 1) {// if over 30 mins no extra bonus for the post
          penalty = 1;

        //console.log("link: ", link);
        //console.log("time difference ", diff);

        var before = pay_out;
        var bot_estimated = (parseFloat(amount) * 2.1); // estimate that bot will pay 2.1 times the money sent as SBD

        if (before != 0) {
          ratio = (Math.sqrt(bot_estimated) / Math.sqrt(before)) * penalty;// ratio for maximum efficiency ( this is for investigation )
        if (before == 0) {
          ratio = (Math.sqrt(bot_estimated) / 0.01) * penalty;// avoid division by zero error

        var max_vote = parseFloat(document.getElementById("SBDinput").value);
        var eff_vote = before / 6; // maximum efficiency is calculated when vote is approximately 1/6 of previous votes
        if (eff_vote < 0.01) {
          eff_vote = 0.01;// if efficient vote is calculated very small, use 0.01 SBD as vote value
        if (eff_vote >= max_vote) {
          eff_vote = max_vote; //if efficient vote is very big, use your max vote as value

        percentage = (eff_vote / max_vote) * 100 // find % of vote to be sent
        var curation = (eff_vote + before + bot_estimated) * 0.25; // calculate total future curation after bot vote

       // console.log("before:", before, "bot bid: ", bot_estimated, "ratio: ", ratio, "efficient vote: ", eff_vote, "percent vote: % ", percentage);

        write_div(before, bot_estimated, ratio, eff_vote, penalty, percentage, link, diff, curation);//send the data to write div



    function write_div(before, bot_estimated, ratio, eff_vote, penalty, percentage, link, diff, curation) {

    // calculate curation reward based on estimated total curation
      var curation_received = ((((Math.sqrt(eff_vote + before) - Math.sqrt(before)) / Math.sqrt(eff_vote + before + bot_estimated)))) * curation * penalty;
     // calculate efficiency based on received curation
        var efficiency = ((curation_received / eff_vote)) * 100;
      //console.log("efficiency: ", efficiency, "curation total :", curation, "curation received: ", curation_received);

      var str = link;
      var lin1 = link.substring(0, 30);
      var lin2 = link.substring(0, 110);

      document.getElementById("link").innerHTML =;
      document.getElementById("age").innerHTML = diff.toFixed(2) + " min.";
      document.getElementById("before").innerHTML = before.toFixed(2) + " SBD";
      document.getElementById("botvote").innerHTML = bot_estimated.toFixed(2) + " SBD";
      document.getElementById("ratio").innerHTML = ratio.toFixed(2);
      document.getElementById("max_eff_vote").innerHTML = eff_vote.toFixed(2) + " SBD";
      document.getElementById("percent").innerHTML = percentage.toFixed(2) + " %";
      document.getElementById("curation").innerHTML = curation_received.toFixed(2) + " SBD" + "(" + (curation_received / feed).toFixed(2) + " SP)";
      document.getElementById("efficiency").innerHTML = efficiency.toFixed(2) + " %";

      if (efficiency >= 100) {
        document.getElementById("sim_link").innerHTML = document.getElementById("sim_link").innerHTML + + "<br />";
        votetotal = votetotal + eff_vote;
        document.getElementById("sim_vote").innerHTML = document.getElementById("sim_vote").innerHTML + eff_vote.toFixed(2) + " SBD" + "<br />";
        document.getElementById("h_vote").innerHTML = "Vote " + votetotal.toFixed(2) + " SBD";

        percenttotal = percenttotal + percentage;
        document.getElementById("sim_percent").innerHTML = document.getElementById("sim_percent").innerHTML + percentage.toFixed(2) + " %" + "<br />";
        document.getElementById("h_percent").innerHTML = "Used% " + percenttotal.toFixed(2);

        curationtotal = curationtotal + curation_received;
        document.getElementById("sim_curation").innerHTML = document.getElementById("sim_curation").innerHTML + curation_received.toFixed(2) + " SBD" + "(" + (curation_received / feed).toFixed(2) + " SP)" + "<br />";
        document.getElementById("h_curation").innerHTML = "Curation" + "<br />" + curationtotal.toFixed(2) + " SBD" + "(" + (curationtotal / feed).toFixed(2) + " SP)";

        cumeff = (curationtotal / votetotal) * 100
        document.getElementById("sim_efficiency").innerHTML = document.getElementById("sim_efficiency").innerHTML + efficiency.toFixed(2) + " %" + "<br />";
        document.getElementById("h_eff").innerHTML = "Eff: " + cumeff.toFixed(2) + " %";


    // function for error proofing the input field
    function check(){
        var val=(document.getElementById("SBDinput").value);
        if (val==""){
            window.alert("Please enter your vote value at %100");// check if the user entered a value in text field
            window.alert("Vote value can't be zero or negative");//check if the value is zero or negative

Road Map

This tool shows that, there is a way to get curation rewards equal to or higher than self-upvoting with micro votes.

Yet, personally, I don’t find it ethical to make a bot that will front-run the bid-bots.

The aim of this tool is to create public awareness that such a bot is possible and if realized, creates micro upvotes from multiple accounts disregarding the content, which should be considered as contamination


@FireDream - Steemit

@firedream#3528 - Discord


Curation bot simulator:


Proof of work


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@firedream, does this help me with upvotes or visibility on the platform?

I really wish you could make this simpler than what is written up there.

I await your response

This is my personal feeling but, bots are not the way to succeed in this platform.
Especially, the kind of bot written above is direct abuse and not ethical.

Yet, personally, I don’t find it ethical to make a bot that will front-run the bid-bots.
The aim of this tool is to create public awareness that such a bot is possible and if realized, creates micro upvotes from multiple accounts disregarding the content, which should be considered as contamination

I would only recommend you to make friends and have realistic expectations.
As far as I learned, this is the only way to have visibility, upvotes and most important fun.


Thank you for your contribution, it has been approved. Its a well thought project but when people know that the Utopian Upvotes Development category then why you will go and upvote others, you can always upvote Utopian Contributions.

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