Rock-Scissors-Paper Game

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About Rock-Scissors-Paper (RSP) Game

RSP game is the standart Rock-Scissors-Paper game played on Steem blockchain.

The basic rules are standart:

  • Rock crushes Scissors
  • Scissors cuts Paper
  • Paper folds Rock

The player makes a choice and a bid of 0.1SBD is transferred to game AI.

The transfer is done via Steemconnect so it is safe.

Since no key ( WIF ) is stored, every bid needs to be verified by steemconnect.

The AI choice is determined according to the unique transaction ID generated by this transfer.
The AI choice rules are clearly defined as follows :

The transaction ID is a hexadecimal number, so there are 16 choices.
To make the game equal chance, if the transaction ends with "0" it is considered as null and 90% of the bid is returned.

The winning conditions are as follows :

How to play

  • Go to the game website :

  • Enter your UserName and press UserName button

  • You will be directed to Game Screen

  • Press on one of the icons ( Rock, Scissors or Paper ) according to your choice.

  • You will be directed to SteemConnect with the choice in memo in a pop-up window.

  • Validate the transfer

  • The UI will inform you of the outcome.

  • The player can also see the overall status of the wins and losses in total.

  • The player can also see the status on the blockchain


  • Client Side :
    HTML , CSS and JavaScript with Steem.Js API

  • Server Side :

Inside the Code

Client Side
  • Login verification to check if the user is a valid steemit user
  steem.api.getAccounts([user], function(err, result) {
          if (result.length == 1) {

Here we check if the account is in Steemit.
If true, the length of the array is 1 and if false the length of the array is 0
I am not sure if this is the best way but it works!

  • Check the buttons according to user selection and initiate transfer
 function r_ock() {'' + user + '&to=' + 'rocksciss' + '&amount=' + '0.100 SBD' + '&memo=' + 'rock', 100, 100);
      choice = "rock";


Here we sent the choice as memo and initiate the steemconnect in a pop-up window.

  • Listen to blockchain for the transfer and write results.
// Start listening to block-chain
    var release = steem.api.streamTransactions('head', function(err, result) {
      // Check if result is a transfer from user to AI
        if ((result.operations["0"]["0"] == 'transfer') && (result.operations["0"]["1"].to == 'rocksciss') && (result.operations["0"]["1"].from == user) && (choices.includes(result.operations["0"]["1"].memo))) {

The full code is here.

Server Side

The server side is written in node-js as a complete back-end script.
It runs in a secure server.

It mainly listens to the block-chain and catches the transactions sent by client-side

/listen to blockchain
var release = steem.api.streamTransactions('head', function(err, result) {
     if ((result.operations["0"]["0"] == 'transfer') && (result.operations["0"]["1"].to=='rocksciss')&&((result.operations["0"]["1"].memo=='rock')||(result.operations["0"]["1"].memo=='scissors')||(result.operations["0"]["1"].memo=='paper'))) {

When the correct transaction is catched, it makes the calculated transfer.

 if ((choice == 'rock') && (AI_choice == 'scissors')) {
          status_text = "You:Rock - AI:Scissors ..... WIN! ..... 0.2 SBD paid.";
        steem.broadcast.transfer('xxxxxxx', 'rocksciss', user, '0.200 SBD', status_text, function(err, result) {

The full code can be found here


  • This game is made for entertainment purposes and no bet adjustment is made. The bet will always be 0.1 SBD.
  • A further step is to make the client side in mobile platform.
  • Still in release, there may happen bugs and delays. Server side can crash causing no payment issues. These will be fixed as they are seen.
  • Client side UI can be further improved.


@FireDream - Steemit
@firedream#3528 - Discord


Rock-Scissors-Paper (RSP) Game

Proof of Work


Thank you for your contribution. The idea is great but the code could be much improved especially there are quite alot of code smells:

  1. hard code the rocksciss in here
  2. still using document.getElementById nowadays.
  3. inconsistent code formatting/indent.

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Hey @justyy
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@justyy, thank you very much for your review.

What I understand from your comments, I killed a good idea with my amateurish coding ;)

  • Hardcode, yes there is...there are much more pro ways to do this and l will be learning by doing and these kinds of feedbacks are very important on my way.

  • document.getElementById is how I started learning ( l blame freecodecamp for this lol ) and learned the $("#id").append on the way but still using the first one if the text is not too much. Your comment noted. I am coming from Commodore 64 times btw ;)

  • Inconsistent code formatting - another good critic. Noted.


Excellent! All future disputes on Steemit can be resolved using this tool ;)

Well, that's not the main purpose but I can agree with your point looking from a different angle...If an amateur like me can make such games there is still hope that much-experienced devs can make huge things to resolve the disputes ;)

Hey @firedream
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Love it !!!

Thanks :) I enjoyed making it

Lost!! I must hand my master key to someone else before I get addicted to this game!

Ha ha...this game is just for fun...Don't use it for other purposes friend :)

Good job! Having games really improves participation on a social network.

Thanks @tibra, I believe in power of games!


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