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RE: SteemPlus 2.10.4 : SmartSteem Boost and articles count

in #utopian-io3 years ago (edited)

Hey @stoodkev!
Great as always. I can't believe how much you improve my Steemit life. But this time there's one thing that bugs me: I suggested this first and you read it as well. I think that I deserve a mention as well.
But other than that I'm just happy that this got into steemplus ^^
Thank you!

Edit: What about displaying the number of posts and comments? Just like it is on by @steemchiller. I think this would be better.


Thanks! Sorry I didn t read your post apparently, but thanks for suggesting it beforehand then!
For the number of comments, I would have to iterate the blockchain many times to get them all and it will take a while. I cannot even do Comments=Total number - Posts because the stupid number shown on Steemit also includes deleted comments/posts, I realized. Additionally, I don't think the number of comments is of any interest.