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Hi! This is a nice project you've got here. I'm glad utopian allowed me to discover it.

Let's go for the review.
Honestly I don't have much to say, you've produced code of great quality. But to say little things nonetheless.

  • => You've got a few empty lines, a nice way to be sure to get rid of those is to add prettier on your project.

  • => Any particular reason why you're mixing old notation with arrow functions ?

  • Your comments are well used and it's great! Your project is a good example of how other contributions should use them.

  • You could improve your by adding more information, more examples like in your steemit posts or add links to those posts.

  • The only down side to your project I see and I think it's a huge one is that users have to install an xamp server and host the files. People are lazy you should try to find a way for them to use your project in a matter of clicks or minutes. How would feel if you had to install and host your own gmail for example?

In any case keep up the good work!

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Hey @gregory.latinier
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Wow this is the first time I get such high rating from review :D I'm so glad my hard work paid off. Yeah on that xampp I will find a way. Thanks for such high review from you!

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