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RE: Opinionated quasar-framework starter kit - Part 2

in #utopian-io2 years ago
  • I would suggest you add a section to your articles when they are a series to list previous post like this one:
  • The article would benefit from a intro image, it give a great preview thumbnails and also is great eye candy to keep the reader on the page.
  • Great separation of concerns with the small commits, good commit messages and multiple PRs.
  • The code base could use more comments throughout.
  • But most of all it is a great lesson on how to setup a great base for a mixed backend/frontend solution. Keep up the great work.

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Yeah I'll update the articles to link them all together. Thanks for the idea!

I'm not a comment guy honestly unless some portion of the code is difficult to understand.

Since here it's a basic setup where everything is pretty easy to understand by just reading the code I don't comment just for the sake of adding comments.
IMO a good function comment header should be enough. Commenting inside a function should only be done if the business logic is complicated and the developer can't understand at first glance.

Thank you for your review, @helo! Keep up the good work!