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We've been in a situation where the sbd/steem ratio makes it that having your posts as 50/50 is way more interesting that fully powering up. This is cool but this means that what used to be done in one click "redeem" is now done in considerabely more time, you have to switch pages to the market etc. It takes like 10 seconds but if you're like me and can't stand to have sbd standing around it's very annoying because sometimes I have to do this several times a day. And for a programmer, doing repetitive taks is unacceptable especially when it can be automated simply.

Hence :

Steem reward manager or srm for short

Source code can be found on the Github repository

Srm is a tool to automatically redeem your steem rewards, and if they contain sbd, go to the internal market to buy steem with it at the current market price. It will check every minute if there is pending rewards or not.

To use it, update the file "config.js" and put as many account as you want. Just don't forget that the script needs your active key (because I execute some market calls).

This means that you will always have liquid steem, never again will you see the "redeem reward" button nor sbd.

Technology Stack

The script is made in nodejs and uses Steem-js. The easiest way to run it is to use pm2

ideally this is what you would do :

git clone [email protected]:drov0/Steem-reward-manager.git
cd Steem-reward-manager/
npm install --save
nano config.js # Edit to put your account(s) and active key(s)
pm2 start redeemer.js

Future developments

In the future I might adapt this script to add some more options :

  • Place limit orders instead of market
  • Power up the liquid steem

How to contribute?

If you have questions, feel free to hit me up : @howo on

If you feel like working on your own directly, feel free, just submit a pull request and we'll go from there. There are no specific rules, try to follow the coding style and put comments on unclear functions but that's it.

Proof of work can be found in the README :

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Nice project Martin. I've been working on a similar tool although it's a slightly different idea. I'm scheduling tasks for sending sbd to ETH/LTC through blocktrades. Nothing like having to do it manually when a robot can do it 💯

Very cool ! I like the philosophy :p Although I'd rather keep things in steem

@howo you are really someone i would like to have as a friend.. you are wonderful.

Admiring you both.
Why did they teach us Delphi in school. :@

haha thanks, well they taught me logo programming...

lol, that just made my day :)
and I've just realized that this project you are doing that I need a lot right now, since my brother handling trading stuff. I was looking for a solution to let him easily transfer the sbd from my account to his ltc wallet.
So thanks in advance, you are making my life a lot easier. o

It's never too late to learn to be honest :) Programming has probably one of the easiest learning curve with tons of tutorials from every angle for everyone.

Hi howo really interesting to learn more about programming.. But how do we have to learn without anyone teaching us? Unless there is a mentor would teach the person who is willing to learn it from scratch. Can you become my mentor? I don't have any knowledge at all. If it's okay for you..?

Sadly I don't have time to allocate to teaching on 1v1, but as I said, if what you lack is a teacher to take you from point A to point B you should look up some moocs like the ones on coursera.

What's coursera? 👀

And moocs don't understand that word..

In my opinion, programming is really only possible self taught, as in following many tutorials, video and written, until you start understanding the concepts. it's a platform with moocs aka massive open online courses. Aka great videos with a teacher. Some of them may even get you a certificate :)

Thanks for information. up vote brother

Excellent project! I was thinking about doing something like this, but you got to it first! Your code is well written.

Thanks a lot ! :) feel free to contribute if you want to add a few features.

I might take you up on that. I made a follow bot and memo bot already. I'm working on an up-vote bot next.

I am wondering if I should keep making simple examples or making some platform with all the functionality. I at least want to make a library with some common functions so I don't have to make any duplicate code.

"I at least want to make a library with some common functions" something like ? :D

I do both of them, basically when I work on a project and I encounter new things, I tend to add them to steemsnippets so that I can find it easily later on. I find myself coming back to these snippets fairly often because the documentation is lacking.

Do you know how to power up?

I'm not sure which function it is here:

Not sure yet, but I think it might be transferToVesting

It's got to be.

If you could make an upvote and comment bot that could run on Heroku that would be awesome!

I'm not familiar with Heroku, but that would be a useful project.

Heroku is a cloud hosting service where you can deploy your bot from. They have free services and premium services. I have been using the free version, I think you should check it out the free version it will probably be more useful to you than to me as you would have the skillset to take advantage of it.

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.

Thanks, you're very active, are you the one modding all the devs posts recently ?

Yeah I am very active almost 14+ hours a day.

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!

Cool contribution. Many thanks, @howo.

Thanks :)

Hey @howo I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


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  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!

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very good Program , I like it

Thanks for information. up vote brother.

So many cool projects in here. thanks

Place limit orders :thumbs_up:

I am sorry @howo.
Do you think if I remove the vote?

Very helpful tool !!

good afternoon greeter steemit may we all be successful people

re steemed :) Great post

how u do it ?

Incredible Your Posts.
An inspiration for me and I are deeply motivated by what you write.
we need to be aware of this moment of tremendous growth and show real World friendship through
Success Always be with [email protected] howo

This really great.It will help a lot especially time needed to do it manually

Good Work! Cool stuff! upvote!

hopefully we can turn off the buying sbd future. I would rather sell sbd for btc or etc.. If that could be automated to that would be cool.🤪🤯💰💸🤑🤓🧐