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Utopian Anti-abuse

Utopian launched a new category October 10, 2018. The anti-abuse category promotes awareness of abuse on the platform. It encourages participation in preventing abuse.

It's been 24 days since the launch of this category. The abuse fighters have been busy tracking abuse. With a little push, they took the time to write very informative submissions for everyone to learn from.

Staff Picks

We've been very fortunate and had 6 staff picks in 24 days. Check out the staff picks below. I included a short summary for each.

  • 1 SteemFlagRewards Update by @anthonyadavisii
    Anthony is the founder and developer for the Steem Flag Rewards (SFR) project. In this contribution, he highlighted how SFR rewards abuse fighters. He also discussed some key updates on their Discord operations forced by HF20. The project removed $51-worth of rewards from abusers. Put those rewards back to the reward pool.

  • 2 Abuse: Spam by @lovenfreedom
    Lovenfreedom discussed the different types of spam on the blockchain. Her contribution shows examples of spam and other types of abuse accompanying spam. Like most new Steemians, she was hesitant to flag abuse. Then she got spammed on one of her post. That changed everything.

  • 3 Abuse: Comment Spam by @steemseph
    Steemseph's first contribution became the standard for succeeding anti-abuse submissions. His guide on how to detect comment spam is easy to understand and follow. He's a musician. He can't help but entertain us with his post. His post educates us on the 3 different types of comment spammers.

  • 4 Abuse: Plagiarism by yours truly staff picked by @knowledges
    Plagiarism is notorious on the blockchain. For newbie abuse fighters, I discussed how one can follow Cheetah. Then to confirm if the post is indeed plagiarized, use a plagiarism checker. It's the best score so far but I didn't pick my own post for obvious reasons. Thanks to Super CM Knowledges for reviewing my submission and including it on the staff pick.

  • 5 Abuse: Copy/Paste by @lovenfreedom
    This is Lovenfreedom's second staff pick contribution. She's the new Utopian VIPO manager but still has the time to grace us with another guide on how to detect copy/paste abuse. She's writing a series so stay tuned for her third anti-abuse contribution.

  • 6 Abuse: Vote Farming with Steemit Inc Delegations by @crokkon
    Crokkon's first anti-abuse contribution is another great example of how one can participate in fighting abuse on the platform. Steemit Inc SP delegations are abused in vote farming operations. His post made me teary eyed by the time I read the last part. Another win for the Steemians who are working hard. Crokkon not only supports anti-abuse projects, he flags abuse and helps in coding the Discord bot at Steem Flag Rewards.

Category Summary


We have 15 total contributions from October 10 to November 1.

We had 1 submission that was not moderated. The author was not on the whitelist. We hope she doesn't get discouraged. Maybe after the trial period, more people can post under the anti-abuse category.

First week
For the first week, we had 2 contributions with an average score of 72.75. One staff pick and one ok post.

Second week
We had 2 submissions with one staff pick and one ok post. @Lovenfreedom and I encouraged all the abuse fighters to post. The moderators decided to start posting to set an example. We wanted to have some different styles, ideas so other authors would know what to post.

Third week
Doubled the contributions and, the average score improved to 80.38. Another staff pick and all other posts were better than the first two weeks.

Fourth week
This week has been the best week yet. We had 7 contributions. Three of them were staff picks. Average score improved to 83.71. Crokkon's post will show up on next week's Top of Utopian.

We also had a top 20 witness submission from @anyx - the mastermind behind Steem Cleaners, Cheetah and numerous other bots that fight abuse.

Moderation Response Time

We have 4 moderators for the anti-abuse category. The timezone span we cover is great. Every contribution was moderated within a few hours of posting.

Our team of @naturicia, @enforcer48, @lovenfreedom, @anthonyadavisii have all done an excellent job to represent the anti-abuse community.

I don't foresee that I will be making any changes to our moderation team. Going forward with the Utopian V2, we will see what it brings us.

Final Words

I would have liked to see more contributions from our abuse fighters. But for the one-month trial period the average score is 79.63 for 15 contributions. I am very pleased with the results of the trial period so far.

The final week is now upon us. We hope to get 10 submissions this week. Raise the average score to 85. Then take a break for evaluation, audit and adjustments to make this category the best it can be.

Thanks to all who have contributed. Thanks to the moderators.

Thank you once again to @Elear, @Didic, @Amosbastian, @Ms10398 for all the help getting this category off the ground.


I have a lengthy submission in the bag. I don't post more than once a day so tomorrow will likely be the day.

Not sure about the quality et al... it's just me being me.

Please dont worry. Maybe you can read those 6 best posts. Then yours will be along side @crokkons for the top of utopian next week!
Just do your best is all we ask.

Great post Stan!
24 days already? time flies.
It's awesome to see a contribution from @anyx!
My two cents... Amos username is @amosbastian :)

Thanks for coming by and thanks for the tip I fixed that.
I was very nervous when @anyx posted. Who can moderate a guy like that?
He is the founder of abuse fighting.
Wow time does fly. I can only hope that we get many more excellent contributions soon.
Only 6 days left before one month has passed.

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