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RE: Flagging comment spam is a regular part of curation. Let’s learn how!

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Wow what a long post. When I opened it I didn't want to read it it was so big. Once I got started it was an easy read.

Love the gif it is a nice touch. Thanks for doing an incredible job and putting so much effort into this post.

Wow how long did this take to produce? Are the little pigs some kind of a subliminal message to @flugschwein? HE HE

Poor @admiralbot he is getting all those Bliss 7 flags.


LMAO, I almost added a bunch of pinball stuff but it seemed a little far fetched. It does look long and boring at first but then that GIF with the instructions on how to find the info tag on a PC got you hooked, right?! 😁

Short answer: It took about 7-9 day to create. I had to learn the devilish details of a few things this time around, but I’ll get faster.
Blah blah blah: I started writing the body of the post a few weeks ago... or almost a month ago. After seeing the Utopian post I decided to make it work for that. I had some excellent help and encouragement too!

Yeah 🐷’s are spammy looking, but they smell like an old barstool’s busted seat cushion. @flugscheein is a highly evolved creature possibly sent here from computer heaven. Total different, he has wings and smells more like a bacon maple donut (or maple “Long John” with bacon).

Isn’t there a classic tank called the admiral... there should be.