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Hi to all,

I heard recently about and it looks great that so many apps started to work along steemit with new features also.

So, my first one is:

SAVE POST / BOOKMAKRS - not working yet. It saves the post but can't find it in bookmarks.

I hope i understand correctly the meaning of save post / bookmarks. It is a feature that i search also on steemit too.

I tried to use it and it did saved that post, but for now i don't know where ;-)


When i go to my profile -> bookmarks:


it is nothing there yet:


I tried on windows 10 with chrome and firefox. I believe that it is not a browser issue.

I just suppose it is work in progress from you guys? Or it should work and have some problems now?

OS: Windows 10, Android

Browsers: Chrome, Firefox (on android only chrome)

Till next time,
Cheers and good wishes!

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Bookmarks / Save posts not working yet - / Nov 05, 2017

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Well, try to think why. I will love to see when your AI will go beyond random words. That's why i write to you... ;-)

You ask me for a contribution Well, you know We're doing what we can.

Well... no way that i will ask you for contributions... I ask your AI if it could go better soon or not. Maybe let your programmer know about that. Or you go talk to Elon Musk ;-)

What was my mistake in the first place?

no mistake, you r in learning phase i hope.

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Thank you also.

I like this project and i hope i can involve more. We'll see and talk there.


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Regarding love... i love humans ;-) Even not all of them deserve it. It is what it is.

With all these platforms and all this world where things are happening too fast for most of the humans it is impossible to not have simple things missing or not working.

I love the way you put it to work as bug hunting, ideas, translations etc... with also some incentives for the ones they do it.

I always loved to give feedback to people on how things work, especially when they didn't worked.

Few took them in consideration. I also put on my old blog solutions to issues that i've found or just presenting good software that can help us to manage better our work or just interaction with computers and what we do.

So, being here is not for incentive thing, it is a thing that i do.

Unfortunately, i'm not a programmer even i wish i will at some point, who knows.

I did upvote with my tiny power and will also give some donation to your website. It is not much, but it is what i have now ;-). For sure it helps if more like me will do it.

Till next time, cheers!

P.S.: I also hope that a human will read that response to you... ;-)

Utopian seems like a great tool/initiative to continue to grow the site!!
And it seems like they like your post!


Hi man. Long time no see.

I don't remember if i entered in that website before last days when i find it again but for sure i heard about it.

And after what i looked what it does i liked it a lot. And i hate that i didn't go with programming long time ago. But it is what it is.

Also, i would love to be part of projects that gives all people a chance to be there and if i can from the beginning i will try my best.

I also think it could be at some point a big project with maybe an ICO initiative to gather more and more good programmers and together to interact better with some systems.

Eh, ideas... ;-)

Cheers man

Suddenly I really like Wow, they are generious!


As i told them, i love to test things and also contribute with what i can.

That's not much for now but as the platform make available for more open source projects i feel it more powerful.

Now it will depend on the developers for that different projects how will gather that info from utopian.

But, it is a nice idea made true.

Also, where did you saw that details with the amount?

I used @armandocat's chrome extension, that shows percentage upvote and value in the voting list. Very useful tool.

I was thinking about that being the only tool for now. I saw the post about it at version 1.3.

But i also saw the privacy issue that can happen and haven't installed. I like that he say about that issue from the start and let you choose if you use it or not.

Thanks for that.

I was concerned about the privacy issue also, but the concern was having to do with downloading from the chrome store. I've been really enjoying the extension, it has enhanced my Steemit experience many times over. It has helped me make informed decisions on Steemit. @ironshield

I suppose it do because have exactly the info most of us search for it ;-)

Maybe i will give it a try at some point.

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You are doing some really helpful work here trying to educate people about useful apps and making using steemit easier for them. Good job!

Well, i did that all my life. And at some point i started a small blog. In 2009 if i remember well. But i don't know how to market myself and that one being as a blog also for me to find again the info that i need (with full details about solutions) i wrote from time to time.

Now when crypto world opened the road to steemit, i try to do the same. With all the things i know and i have time to share.

I would love to have this as a main job... but i don't think is possible for me now. So, i write from time to time.