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Hi again.

Reading posts, i went to one of my buddies here where he was pointing to a bug on esteem app (Payout Cancel Differs in eSteem — Steemit)

I wanted to test it out and i had to reach to that post within the eSteem app.

I looked for search option, put there the username in the search box but couldn't get to the user. Tried with @ and without. Also with other users. On mine, at some point it appeared for a fraction of a second but that was it. I tried to delete and type again but couldn't get it again to appear in the list.

STEPS (yes i know its late in the night ;-)):

Clicked to the three dots in the right corner for this menu:


On search page i choosed - user

(i tried with tags too for @steemitblog but haven't found relevant content):


and tried to write it with @ and without it from a clear field:


But got no result.

Also, i tried to scroll in the list but it stops very quickly. I thought it gives alphabetical result to search, but its not working.

I love how this app is growing too and how they add more functionality to it.

OS: Android 4.4.2

Browsers: none

Apps: eSteem

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My husband has been asking me to download this app since a long time. Now seems like a good time to do it. Thanks for this informative piece.

Yes it is nice to go on it.

I have an older phone but it works from time to time ;-) I know also it is in development and i see that they did a lot of improvements in last 2 months.

And that's so cool to not browse in the browser.
I hope they will have time to get it better with favorites and things that can ease up the daily user reading and savings.

Eh... try it and see it. I don't think you'll regret it.

Watch also to put your posting key, not the main one. Just like in all external apps, to be safe from the start.

Use your main key or pass only when you need to do transactions.

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Done it


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Thanks man.

I saw lot of good movement today ;-) Hope it goes better and better.


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