Utopian and Steemit different payouts / Nov 19, 2017

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Is there a bug with different payouts in both platforms?

In utopian the amount for the post is bigger than on steemit (on busy.org is the same as on steemit).





For first 2-3 days they were higher and after that they were going lower than the initial payout with 3-5 SBD.

After that, the amount it is different for those two posts. Now i see the second one is the same on both places but the first post differ with around $3.

Where is the difference or is a bug?
Isn't all data taken from the same place?


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Hi @ilvstranger this post was already reported by another contributors sorry we cannot approve this post.https://utopian.io/utopian-io/@mcfarhat/caching-issue-on-utopian-io

You can contact us on Discord.

That's not a problem. I wanted to post about it for more than 7 days ;-) but haven't got time.

I went to his post and has got nothing in title regarding that... so i could not find it in a thousand years. I go in the search box before a make a post and look through results and haven't found anything related there.

But i just wanted to see where is the issue. And in his comments is somebody saying maybe steemconnect, smbd else about nodes...

Just wanted to see where is the true value.


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This utopian-io thing looks like a trip. I am going to check it out after work, and we should catch up, unfortunately I am way to busy to learn that one program we spoke about, but maybe when I get some other things rolling good and I have the space to sit and learn, anyhow off to work soon! Have a great day or night, not sure right now with you haha!!

lol... i'm the same.

Working hard with my business and now is 2.16 am... and still want to stay a bit to write more here and there.

Tomorrow will have another working day and hope that will continue like that all the time till christmas to have power to continue after.

Hope you go well with learning design and maybe soon we will talk about it and make some challenges ;-)


Definitely sounds like a plan, yea I am bout to go hardcore on getting this music thing down, then I can open ones self up to other things to learn.

Good luck bro'


I am new to steemit. thank you for introducing me to utopian as well

Glad to let others know about good projects.

And there are a lot coming.


Though I have no idea what this about, it might be a temporary issue. Same contents payout shouldn't differ.

Yes, i thought about that.

I was searching for an answer but haven't found it and i was wondering also why are going low with so much.

It is not the parity that driven down.

Eh. We will find answers in time.