There is currently no single platform for open source projects and professionals to share knowledge and incentivise collaboration out there. GitHub has 51 million users who have no place to have their voice heard - just share code. And what about other professionals like marketers and translators who want to contribute? They have no way to get involved.

Having worked with many projects and contributors for the past year, we have a very clear picture of what it is the open source ecosystem wants and needs. With our awesome team of Utopians, we are working very hard to create just that and are offering investors the oportunity to contribute to the creation of this paradise for open source.

Sounds great. So it's a charity pitch, then? The investors get to write off their investment?

If not, I'm wondering what the value proposition is.

Here there is an overview of the main revenue model and a quick overview of other potential revenue models

That looks awesome.

Exactly. This is what I would like to find out too.

We have a revenue scheme and a number of potential revenue streams, if that's what you mean. Also working on some projections for 2019-2020.

I think @inertia also means if investors will get a share of the revenue.

What are you ofering to investors? How much do they expect to make on their investment in a year and what is vehicle u will distribute those benefits to investors with?

It’s a standard tech startup company investment model: shares in the Utopian company. Revenue from commissions on bounties, tips, reviews, and related services offered to a large and fast growing user base.
Investment horizon is 3-5 years.

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Hello @prameshtyagi this is matter of the investor pitch deck, specifically for the projection it is something we would like to discuss with potential investors directly. We'll be happy to present it to those interested, just get in touch via [email protected]

thnx. I would like to see how I being Indian can invest and get shares in your company. what legalities are involved?

Investment restricted to accredited investors via private discussions. It is not a public offering.

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Sure this is something @apshamilton would be happy to discuss with you in greater details

I’m @apshamilton on Discord too.

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