Hungarian Translation for CS Unplugged - Part 6

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Project Details

CS Unplugged is a collection of Computer Science materials for the young generations. Their main goal is to promote Computer Science to the children with fun by games.
I can recommend this project for translators who also want to support education with her/his job.
The link to the website is here.


Links related to the translation

GitHub Project

CS Unplugged GitHub

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Translation Activity

Source Language


Translated Language

Hungarian - Translatable: 120 110 words

Number Of Words

6 602 words.

Number of words translated on this contribution:
1 079 words.

Proofread Words


Previous translation on the same project

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Number of words translated on the project before this report (if any):
5 522 words.

Proofs of my work

cs unplugged 2.png

Before translationafter work 2.png

During translation

bduring 1work.png
during work.png

After translation

after work.png

Thank you!

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