Hungarian Translation for Verbling - Part 1

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Project Details

Verbling is a platform where you can find online language teachers. You can take lessons via the website which ensures opportunity for video chat and workplace where you can share, review and work together with your teacher on documents too.
I can recommend this project for translators who want to support online education opportunities with her/his job.
The link to the website is here.


Links related to the translation

GitHub Project

Verbling GitHub

Crowdin Profile


Crowdin Project

Verbling Crowdin Project


Translation Activity

Source Language


Translated Language

Hungarian - Translatable: 15 737 words

Number Of Words

1 120 words.

Number of words translated on this contribution:
1 120 words.

Proofread Words


Previous translation on the same project

This is my first translation in this project.

Number of words translated on the project before this report (if any):
0 words.

Proofs of my work

verbling proof.png

Before translation

before translation.png

During translation

during work 1.png
during work 3.png

After translation

after work.png

Thank you!

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You can contact us on Discord.

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