App crashed when the start button was clicked on

in #utopian-io4 years ago (edited)

Project Information

Expected behavior

App shouldn't crash when the start button is clicked.

Actual behavior

The app crashed when the start button was clicked.

How to reproduce

  • Download app from playstore or f-Droid
  • launch the app
  • click on start botton
  • app crashes
  • Browser: chrome
  • App version: 1.3.21
  • Operating system: 5.1
    Infinix- X551

Recording Of The Bug

Proof of Work Done


Thanks for your contribution.

A similar issue has already been added to GitHub via Utopian, you can find a link to the GitHub issue below:

Please make sure you check the repository prior to making contributions to Utopian to ensure the same issue hasn't already been submitted.

  1. Not sure why you added browser chrome to this particular contribution, if the testing isn't conducted on a browser you may remove that field from the template :)
  2. Please try to include log-cats with any crash reports, this will provide great value to the project owner when a bug is hard to replicate or not reproducible on multiple different versions of Android.

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