App dosent respond when open with parkendd is clicked

in #utopian-io4 years ago (edited)

Project Information

  • Repository:

  • Project Name: ParkenDD

Expected behavior

The Map to any parking location is supposed to display when clicked on.

Actual behavior

The app dosent respond when a parking location is tried to be accessed using parkenDD

How to reproduce

  • Download parkenDD Appfrom playstore
  • launch the app
  • click on any city
  • click on open with parkenDD
  • The app doesn't respond with a map
  • Browser: chrome

  • App version: 1.2.5

  • Operating system:5.1

Recording Of The Bug

Proof of Work Done


The project repository does not have update for the past 6 month checking through, the last update was made 1 year ago. Try to always check the last update of any project you wanna contribute on, at least it should have 6 month codes update. Thank you!

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Hello sir please re-check the repository. There was mix up somewhere. Thanks

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