App ends when answer is clicked on multiple times

in #utopian-io4 years ago

Project Information

Expected behavior

Levels shouldn't be changed when an answer is clicked on multiple times.

Actual behavior

I clicked on a correct answer multiple times and skipped some levels according to the number of times that I clicked on the answer respectively then game ends.

How to reproduce

  • Download app from playstore or f-Droid
  • launch the app
  • click a correct answer to a question multiple times (the answer must be correct)
  • notice:(you'll advance in levels as many times you clicked)
  • Browser: chrome

  • App version: 5.0

  • Operating system:5.1

Recording Of The Bug

Proof of Work Done


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Thanks Boss, I appreciate Gracias

HI @ishotz,
The bug is really nice. Awesome finding. but the project doesn't have a license file.
due to this, It is not eligible for utopian review.
thanks for contributing

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